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Back home again!

August passed by just like that and now September, and I guess autumn, is here. For me personally autumn doesn't begin until after the Mercè (the massive celebration that takes place in Barcelona around the 24th of September). So there's a few weeks left of sun and hot weather! I arrived in Barcelona just before the Mercè 9 years ago. It's a very special time for me, I have such beautiful, and fun, memories to look back on.

A visit to Palma de Mallorca - Day 2

We decided to take off for a long weekend in Palma de Mallorca, which was a great decision. I had never been to Mallorca before, and this was a perfect opportunity to check out what Palma had to offer. Next time I want to go back to explore the island further, and not only see Palma. Here is Part 2 of our adventure!

A visit to Palma de Mallorca, Day 1

Palma had been an obsession of mine since some time, I was very curious what this little city had to offer. We had only a long weekend to see Palma, not enough time to rent a car and see more of what Mallorca has to offer. So we will go back for sure! But even if we had only two days to figure out the city we managed to cram in plenty. Here is what we were up to on Day 1:

Guide to Big Old London

In this guide I won’t be talking about Big Ben or Westminster Abbey. Many of you have already been to London and seen the sights. There’s so much more to London than that! I love the food scene, the cool bars and the shopping. And the neighbourhoods that are so different from each other!

Guide to Copenhagen - a foodie heaven

I enjoyed Copenhagen for many reasons. It’s a great city for a food enthusiast with so many cool, laid-back places to eat and/or drink. The best restaurant in the world is there too, and other gourmet restaurants, but we keep our purse strings tight and go for cheaper options.