Alsur Café

Alsur Café is a lively place. It has a young and relaxed atmosphere, and I like their concept of “whatever you want, whenever you want”. If you’ve been partying the night before and got up late and really feel like a brunch, on a Tuesday, that’s perfectly doable in Alsur. They have breakfast and brunch items on the menu all day (and night), and the portions are huge. They have good vegetarian options too.

In addition to the items on the menu they have really impressive cakes and sweets to go with your coffee or tea. And the best of all: really good drinks! Try the fruity daiquiris, or the delicious mojitos, or perhaps a big piña colada. Alsur is a good place to start off your night out.

Alsur Café has three different locations in Barcelona, my personal favorite for drinks is in the one in Plaza de Sant Cugat in the Born, and my favorite for brunch is the one in Roger de Llúria.

 Piña Colada at Alsur Café, Barcelona

Piña Colada at Alsur Café, Barcelona


Atmosphere: The place is young, cool and relaxed.

Recommended: The menu is delicious, inexpensive and the portions are huge. I love the pancakes, the French toast and the excellent drinks.

Specifics: You can have brunch on a weekday afternoon if that’s what you are into, and that’s one of the great things about this place.

Price: €

Reservations: Not necessary unless you’re a large group. They have some good spaces if you are a larger group, it’s a good place to go and celebrate something without breaking the bank. 

 French Toast at Alsur Café, Barcelona

French Toast at Alsur Café, Barcelona