Banana pancakes or how to brighten up a morning

I'm a huge fan of clean eating and when I cook myself I try to keep away from anything processed. Most food tastes better anyway the less crap it consists of.

On Saturdays I love making pancakes for us, and if they're healthy then even better. It's the most simple recipe ever, here it goes:

2 eggs + 1 banana

Easy, huh..? :) Just mix it and fry them with a little oil or butter in a pan. Make them small because they can be a bit difficult to flip. If you are into superfoods you can put any powder you like in the batter, I like maca, baobab, bilberry powder... 

 Two-ingredient banana pancakes

Two-ingredient banana pancakes

Once they're done you can enjoy them with some blueberries, raspberries, almond butter, a bit of maple syrup perhaps... Or go hard core and put dark chocolate between the hot pancakes and let the chocolate melt...