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Welcome to Barcelona Food Experience! I'm on a mission to find good food in the city, and share it with you. I hope you can find something you like! 

Best Vegetarian

Best Vegetarian

In Spain in general it might be a bit complicated to be a vegetarian, not to mention a vegan. But in Barcelona it's not that difficult, more and more places keep popping up. Here are a few of my favorites:

 Vegan, raw lunch at Café Blueproject, Barcelona

Vegan, raw lunch at Café Blueproject, Barcelona

Quinoa Bar - A tiny little vegetarian place, good food and lots to choose from.

Travessera de Gràcia 203

Green & Berry - An excellent addition to the vegetarian scene. Lots of space (for bringing your laptop too) and good food and juices. I love their avo toast. More info here.

Enrique Granados 153

Väcka - A small place but packed with vegan goodies to have there or to take away. You can even order it online! They have a lot of gluten-free, sugar-free options, and even vegan ice cream. I love their gluten-free waffle with rawtella. More info here!

Séneca 4

Flax & Kale – The trendiest healthy place in the city. Gorgeous space and good food that even a meatlover gets excited about. Check also their location in the H&M Flagship store and the newest Flax & Kale Passage.

Carrer dels Tallers 74

Teresa Carles – A long menu filled with tasty vegetarian food. 

Carrer de Jovellanos 2

Teresa’s – The newest piece of the Teresa Carles empire, best for take-away. Great set of juices.

Calle Argenteria 31

Woki Market – Vegetarian food on the go, inside an organic shop.

Ronda de la Universitat 20 / Passatge Marimon 5 / Passeig Maritím de la Barceloneta / Calle Astúries 22

A Tu Bola – Balls, balls, balls! Sounds funny but trust me, it's so good. Many good vegetarian options, and so tasty. Blog post on A Tu Bola here. 

Calle del Hospital 78

Tandoor – such a cool Indian restaurant, and the food is so tasty you want to cry a little. At least half of the menu is vegetarian. Read more here.

Carrer d'Aragó 8

Rasoterra – Cool place, inexpensive, exciting food. Do we need to say more? More info on Rasoterra here.

Carrer del Palau 5

Rebelot – Slow food: local produces, healthy and vegetarian. Very tasty!

Carrer del Baluard 58

El Café Blueproject - fantastic raw food, nothing like it in the city. Read more here.

Carrer de la Princesa 57

Sopa - I have lunch here several times a week, and the lunch menu is great value for money. It's vegetarian, vegan and macrobiotic. The space is nice too, and they have a terrace if you prefer to have your lunch in the sun.

 Lunch at Sopa, Barcelona

Lunch at Sopa, Barcelona

Best Cheese

Best Cheese

Best Seafood

Best Seafood