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Welcome to Barcelona Food Experience! I'm on a mission to find good food in the city, and share it with you. I hope you can find something you like! 

You can also find me on Pepo!

You can also find me on Pepo!

Best Vegetarian

Best Vegetarian

In Spain in general it might be a bit complicated to be a vegetarian, not to mention a vegan. But in Barcelona it's not that difficult, more and more places keep popping up. Here are a few of my favorites:

Vegan, raw lunch at Café Blueproject, Barcelona

Vegan, raw lunch at Café Blueproject, Barcelona

Quinoa Bar - A tiny little vegetarian place, good food and lots to choose from.

Travessera de Gràcia 203

Green & Berry - An excellent addition to the vegetarian scene. Lots of space (for bringing your laptop too) and good food and juices. I love their avo toast. More info here.

Enrique Granados 153

Väcka - A small place but packed with vegan goodies to have there or to take away. You can even order it online! They have a lot of gluten-free, sugar-free options, and even vegan ice cream. I love their gluten-free waffle with rawtella. More info here!

Séneca 4

Lo & Lo Café- exciting juices and smoothies and good stuff to nibble on too. Read more here.

Travessera de Gracia 126

Flax & Kale – The trendiest healthy place in the city. Gorgeous space and good food that even a meatlover gets excited about.

Carrer dels Tallers 74

Teresa Carles – A long menu filled with tasty vegetarian food. 

Carrer de Jovellanos 2

Teresa’s – The newest piece of the Teresa Carles empire, best for take-away. Great set of juices.

Calle Argenteria 31

Woki Market – Vegetarian food on the go, inside an organic shop.

Ronda de la Universitat 20 / Passatge Marimon 5 / Passeig Maritím de la Barceloneta / Calle Astúries 22

A Tu Bola – Balls, balls, balls! Sounds funny but trust me, it's so good. Many good vegetarian options, and so tasty. Blog post on A Tu Bola here. 

Calle del Hospital 78

Tandoor – such a cool Indian restaurant, and the food is so tasty you want to cry a little. At least half of the menu is vegetarian. Read more here.

Carrer d'Aragó 8

Rasoterra – Cool place, inexpensive, exciting food. Do we need to say more? More info on Rasoterra here.

Carrer del Palau 5

Rebelot – Slow food: local produces, healthy and vegetarian. Very tasty!

Carrer del Baluard 58

El Café Blueproject - fantastic raw food, nothing like it in the city. Read more here.

Carrer de la Princesa 57

Sopa - I have lunch here several times a week, and the lunch menu is great value for money. It's vegetarian, vegan and macrobiotic. The space is nice too, and they have a terrace if you prefer to have your lunch in the sun.

Lunch at Sopa, Barcelona

Lunch at Sopa, Barcelona

Best Cheese

Best Cheese

Best Seafood

Best Seafood