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Welcome to Barcelona Food Experience! I'm on a mission to find good, affordable food in the city, and share it with you. I hope you will find something you like! 

Michelin-star experience in Lando

Can you imagine that I've never eaten in a Michelin-star restaurant? Well, it's true. If you don't count Spotted Pig in New York of course, but their famous dish is Roquefort burger with shoestring fries so I simply can't put that on my high-end cuisine list.

However, yesterday I had the opportunity to enjoy the cookings of Mr. Nacho Manzano, a two-Michelin star chef and owner of the restaurant Casa Marcial in Asturias. He took over the kitchen in the Lando restaurant in Sant Antoni and partnered up with Alhambra Beers to create a 10-course meal paired with the beer Alhambra Reserva 1925. It was quite an experience. The menu consisted of traditional local and Asturian dishes but with a Manzano twist. 

 Peach in wine in a spiced crust with lime celery ice-cream, Nacho Manzano in Lando, Barcelona

Peach in wine in a spiced crust with lime celery ice-cream, Nacho Manzano in Lando, Barcelona

Here is the menu, I haven't translated the dishes to English because that would make it completely ridiculous..! : 

Croqueta de jamon - Soft and tasty with a lovely home-made feeling to them.

Revuelto de la casa sobre torto de maiz - I've heard this is a typical Asturian dish, but it was the first time I tried it. I'm a fan of revueltos, so I definitely approved.

Berenjena con nueces tiernas, crema agria y matices amargos - What a fascinating dish. I felt like a detective working on identifying the different tastes and how they go together. One of my favorite dishes.

Calçot con salsa romesco - The romesco sauce was actually a crumble, which made it very interesting when combined with the soft juicy calçot.

Mejillones en escabeche - One might think of the ones that come in a tin, but these were certainly fresh when they were presented on a bed of seaweed. Juicy and flavorful.

Ensalada de merluza con su pil-pil y boas secas - This hake came hidden under a leaf of lettuce, and I wonder if I've ever had hake made just perfectly like that: not too dry and not undercooked.

Cap i pota - Perhaps my favorite of all. This typical Catalan dish was all wrapped up in a canelón and covered in a thick, flavorful white sauce. It was fantastic.

Sorpresa de Alhambra Reserva 1925 - Now this was certainly a surprise! It looked like a small glass of beer with foam and all, but was something completely different. It was cream of tomato, celery, apple and beer infusion with a Idiazabal cheese foam on top. Wow!

Melocotón al vino, galleta especiada y helado de apio y lima - The ice cream was particularly memorable with this dish, I could never have imagined that celery ice cream could be so good..!

Arroz con leche - A very traditional dish, but this one came with a Catalan twist: it was made in Crema Catalana style!

An unforgettable event, I thoroughly enjoyed every single dish and I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to finally eat (excellent) Michelin-starred food. I hadn't visited beautiful Lando before either, so I'm looking forward to going back and trying out what their own kitchen has to offer!

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