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What to do at brew pubs when you don't drink beer

My husband is a big craft beer lover. So we visit a lot of brew pubs, which can be somewhat complicated considering that I don't drink beer. And I don't think I'm the only one with this little "problem", so here is a little overview what life is like for us non-beer-lovers in craft beer places in Barcelona:

 Root beer at Abirradero, Barcelona

Root beer at Abirradero, Barcelona

Black Lab: This place is great for us who don't drink beer. They have wine and cocktails and great food. Very recommendable.

Oma Bistrรณ: They have 4 taps and a lot of different bottled craft beers, but that's not what we're here to talk about. They have great food, fantastic cakes and you should see the smoothies. Two words: Oreo Smoothie. 

Garage Beer Co: A large brew pub with lots of comfy sofas and interesting art work. There are both cocktails and wine, and some food too. Keep an eye out for their events with food trucks.

Abirradero: 40 taps for beer lovers, but there are a couple of very interesting craft sodas too! I loved the root beer, very creamy with a hint of ginger. They have food too, quite an interesting menu I'd dare say.

Ale & Hop: Not a lot of non-beer options, but I really loved their organic cola. And their food is all vegetarian! I've heard their veggie burger is legendary.

 Organic Cola at Ale & Hop, Barcelona

Organic Cola at Ale & Hop, Barcelona

La Cerveteca: Not much non-beer related in this authentic local beer haunt, but they do have tapas!

Chivuo's: The place is lovely, but doesn't have much options for those of us who don't drink beer. But this place is actually all about the food, I think the words slow fast food say everything. Their pulled pork sandwich and tuna melt are unforgettable. 

Biercab: Oh so many taps, but not many drink options apart from beers. However they do have fruit beers (think Kriek) if you like that (I do). Their food is delish! The patatas bravas are very fotogenic..!

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