Best meat in Barcelona

One of my readers pointed out that she could find a lot of places for seafood on this website, but not so many specific places where one could find a good piece of meat. Now that needs to change! Here are a few suggestions for the carnivores out there.

9 Reinas - I must admit I haven't been to this Argentinian restaurant myself. But it has a great reputation, and I've heard it's a favourite place for the Espanyol football team to celebrate...!It's a bit on the expensive side. 

La Carassa - Here the specialty is meat fondues. This means you'll get a plate full of different kinds of raw meat that you'll dip into hot oil. In addition to this you have 7 different sauces to enjoy your meat with. The place is really cute, it reminds me of a ski lodge.

Can Xurrades - This restaurant used to be in Gracia and we frequented it quite often, but now they have moved and I need to visit their new location asap. It's probably my favourite restaurant when I'm craving meat. They serve different kinds of grilled meats but they specialise in a kind of local exquisite beef that you find only in a handful of restaurants in Spain. They also serve steak tartar if that's your thing. Their dessert menu is endless. It's a great place to go with your family and just sit and eat for hours. 

Carlota Akaneya - It's on my list of restaurants I want to go to. It's a Japanese barbecue and for the meat nerds out there: they serve Kobe A5 prime meat which is very difficult to find.    

Casa Paloma - Beautiful interior and prime meats. They know what they do, and you have a lot of different meat options here, including Angus and Wagyu. 

Can Valles - Very local and very authentic, with a good meat options too. Book well ahead, as it's very popular. 

This list does not cover all meat restaurants in the city, not by far, but they are places that I would go to when I'm feeling carnivorous. 

Solomillo con foie at Casa Mari y Rufo Barcelona

Solomillo con foie at Casa Mari y Rufo Barcelona

I'm also a huge fan of a dish called solomillo con foie. It's beef sirloin with foie gras on top, and when done right it's magnificent. My favourite places for this are:

Vaso de Oro - this little tapas restaurant in Barceloneta is always packed so you might have to eat standing up, but it's worth it. Their solomillo con foie has some onion in it too, and it melts in your mouth. Read more on Vaso de Oro here. 

Bar Mut - A place with so much atmosphere and a fantastic solomillo con foie.

Casa Mari y Rufo - Here they bring out the solomillo to your table and blowtorch the foie there. Amazing. More on Casa Mari y Rufo here.