Dr Stravinsky - Crazy and Wonderful Cocktails

So there is not a lack of bars in Barcelona, I think we can agree on that. But not all of them are great, and I definitely have my favourites. A newly discovered one is Dr Stravinsky, located in the Born. 

Dr Stravinsky cocktail Bar Barcelona

Already when you step in through the doors you can see that this is not your ordinary bar. The walls are covered with shelves filled with lots of glass jars with herbs and flowers. Upstairs you can see what seems to be an antique laboratory. And that is indeed what this place is all about: experimenting with fascinating flavours. 

Dr Stravinsky Barcelona

The bartenders here kick ass, if I may say so. The shelves are filled with World Class prizes, so they know what they are doing. It is fascinating to watch how they prepare the drinks, it is nothing less than a show. The cocktail menu is equally mind-blowing, and I an assure that you will need plenty of time to decide. I wanted to try every single one of them, and it is very difficult to stop after one... 

The Camp Nou cocktail

The Camp Nou cocktail

One of their stellar drinks is Camp Nou, a refreshing cocktail made with dill, cilantro and thyme syrup, house-distilled gin, lime and camomile. It left me speechless. 

Address: C/ Mirallers 5