Frolis - Sweets With no Regrets

In Eixample there's a little café and bakery that deserves A LOT of attention. Silvina and Edgardo, the owners, have put a lot of love and hard work into all of the desserts, cakes, donuts, muffins, cookies and everything else you can find here. They all look like little masterpieces, but when you find out that they're healthy too you're in heaven.

Almost everything is gluten-free and accidentally vegan too. Accidentally because when they worked on the recipes the best way to make them healthy was to make them vegan, too. They only use good, mostly organic, ingredients and throw in some superfoods too. Everything is made on location and you can either stay in and enjoy their goodies there or buy them to take away. Good luck with choosing however, I wanted EVERYTHING..! 


Atmosphere: The place is small but you have a couple of tables and chairs to sit down and have a cup of tea and a raw cake, a vegan donut or a gluten free cookie perhaps.

Recommendations: You have to try one of the raw cakes, they are amazing! I really liked the carrot cake and the chocolate cake too.

Specifics: The cakes are absolutely gorgeous, they put a lot of effort into the decoration.


Reservations: N/A

Adress: C/ Aragó 123