Gluten Free Barcelona

I've received a lot of requests for a list of gluten free places in Barcelona, and now I finally got around to do it! Please note that not all places in this list is suitable for coeliacs due to cross-contamination but rather for people who prefer to avoid gluten. Therefore the term gluten free is used here to indicate a supposed harmless level of gluten rather than a complete absence. I hope this helps!

Petit Brot - 100% gluten free and wonderful, healthy options (organic, raw, vegan). Their lunch menus are great with elaborate, tasty dishes (raw, creamy linguine anyone?). 

Green and Berry - Juices, açai bowls, chia puddings and really good gluten-free baked and raw goods. 

Väcka - Raw burgers and really tasty gluten-free waffles.

Flax & Kale/Teresa’s/Teresa Carles/Flax & Kale a Porter - all the same chain of restaurants, and very conscious of what's healthy. Many gluten-free options. 

La Lluna - A very authentic, traditional restaurant, and although it's in the middle of touristville it's worth a visit. In the menu they mention all the dishes that are gluten-free, and there are really great options. 

Hammock Juice Station - A wonderful place for eating healthy and hanging out in incredibly comfy hammocks..! They've got good gluten free choices. 

Bendita Helena - Healthy organic food, I'm a big fan of their brunches. Excellent comfort food! You'll find good gluten free alternatives here. 

Artisa - This is a little shop just by Plaza Reial that focuses on local, quality products. They also have a café and they have gluten free cakes. 

Trópico - Gluten free options. Great brunch place! Read more here.

Rasoterra - A great vegetarian restaurant, and even if you're a meat lover you'll forget all about it here. Lots of gluten-free options too.

Rosa Negra/Rosa de Raval - These are both Mexican restaurants, and very popular. Here you can get your burritos and tacos gluten free if you wish.

Federal Café - Breakfasts, brunches and lunches, and they have gluten-free options too. They've got two locations: one in Sant Antoni and one location in the Gotico. 

Creps Barcelona - These restaurants specialised in crepes you can find all over the city. Their savoury and sweet galettes are gluten free.

Frankfurt Valles - If you really feel like having a burger or a frankfurt (hot dog) then go here, where you have the option of gluten-free bread. Sometimes they overdo it in the microwave though and it's not all that great. 

El Filete Ruso - In addition to making great burgers they have gluten-free bread and many items on the menu that haven't been covered in batter.

Arosseria Xativa - A great place for paella, they have many different ones to choose from, and they have very good gluten free options too. 

Cal Marius 449 - The pastrami sandwiches here are amazingly good. They have focused a lot on their gluten free options. They've got gluten free beer too. 

En Ville - Located on one of my favorite streets in the city, En Ville has many good gluten free options. 

Jansana Gluten Free - A pastry shop that's all gluten free. You would never know when you look at the amazing looking pastries and cakes! 

Frolis - Healthy, vegan and gluten free cakes that are like little masterpieces, to eat there or to take away.

Kibuka - I love this Japanese restaurant, it's a classic in Gracia. They indicate on their menu which options are gluten free. 

4 amb 5 Mujades - This restaurant does amazing things with seasonal vegetables, and they are very conscious of specific dietary needs. 

La Carioca - A cool Brazilian place. Their brunches look amazing, and they have gluten and sugar free options, plus things suitable for vegans and vegetarians. 

Messie Pizza - They do gluten free pizzas which is pretty great, you can order them for home delivery too.

Copasetic - This place is all gluten free, and they do lots of vegan stuff too. 

Conesa - A classic sandwich place in Barcelona, and they do gluten free ones too.

Espai Joliu - This dreamy café also has gluten free options.