Gracia - Where to Eat, Drink and Shop


Gracia is my favourite neighbourhood, I've lived here for 8 years and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. It feels like a little village with it's many pedestrian, tree-lined streets. Gracia is also a neighbourhood that is not in focus for many tourists, even though it's just a hop and skip from Plaza Cataluña and the Ramblas. 

During the years I have acquired quite a few favourites, and I'm listing most of them here for your enjoyment. 


Origo Bakery - Only organic ancient grains are used to bake tasty breads at this eco-conscious bakery. Read all about this gem of a place here. 

Can Luc - Cheese you said? Get your cheese fix here, where you'll get very knowledgeable service and anything you might need to pair your cheeses with, including a list with the names of the cheese you've chosen and which order you should eat them in. Full post here. an

Syra Coffee Barcelona

Syra Coffee Barcelona

Syra Coffee - Many a coffee lover come here to get their caffeine fix. Good matcha and chai latte. They also arrange workshops for those who want to know more about the art of coffee making. Full post here.

Mecànic - Über-hip space with artsy books, an art gallery and things to eat and drink. Read all about it here. 

The Hip Fish - Poke bowls and sushi burritos made with the freshest ingredients, sustainable fish (!) and good sauces (also spicy ones if you’re into that). Read post here. 

Sabio Infante Barcelona

Sabio Infante Barcelona

Sabio Infante - A cosy neighborhood hangout with good breakfast options, snacks, specialty coffee and a really cute deco. Read more here. 

Bermont Coffee - If you are a specialty coffee nerd make sure to drop by, have a well-made coffee and exchange a few words with the owner, he’s great at what he does. Full post here. 

La Rovira, Barcelona

La Rovira, Barcelona

La Rovira - Good craft beer (on tap and bottles), tapas and sandwiches at this old-school kind of bar that always attracts a crowd. Full post here.

Mama's Cafe - This homey and family-friendly cafe has a wonderful surprise: a cosy patio in the back. They open fairly early for breakfast and brunch. Read more here. 

Antunez - A restaurant with that friendly neighbourhood vibe, a place to hang out with friends and share some good food. Read post here. 

Extra Bar - A tiny little bar with very good seasonal tapas, all with a bit of a twist. Good selection of wines. 

Bodega Cal Pep - Go back 50 years or so in time in this tapas bar (not to be confused with Cal Pep in the Born!) where not much has changed lately. Make sure you try the vermouth! Read post here. 

Ceviche at Toma Ya Streetfood, Barcelona

Ceviche at Toma Ya Streetfood, Barcelona

Toma Ya Street Food - Street food from around the world is served in this little place, the ceviche is particularly good, and the staff is so friendly! Post here. 

Bodega Quimet - This old bodega is so charming you’ll never want to leave! It gets very busy at peak times so go early. Read more here. 

Croq & Roll - This place specializes in croquetas, doesn’t that sound intriguing? They have so many to choose from, including dessert croquetas. Full post here. 

Väcka - Vegan food is in focus here, I’m a huge fan of their vegan burger. Full post here. 

La Bicicleta - Straightforward kind of place with good tapas, read post here

Viblioteca - A tiny little place where cheese is king! Their wine selection is on point. Read more here. 

L'Arrosseria Xativa - One of my favorite places for paella and rice, they have so many to choose from. Good for those with intolerances. 

Teicawey - A great place for burritos and tacos to go, very fresh. 

Kibuka, Barcelona

Kibuka, Barcelona

Kibuka - I’m a big fan of this Japanese - Brazilian fusion place. They have two restaurants and one takeaway in Gracia. Don't miss their brigadeiros for dessert.  

Santa Gula Barcelona

Santa Gula Barcelona

Santa Gula - One of my favorite restaurants in Gracia: seasonal fresh food in a very cosy atmosphere. Read more here.

FAN - Shoronpo - Many swear by the ramen here, and it really is excellent, as are the gyozas. 

SlowMov - A temple for those who appreciate specialty coffee. They have their own roastery here, and local products to buy and take home with you. 

Kitsune - A very popular Japanese restaurant, excellent value for money. I love their matcha cheesecake.  

Chivuo's - A very good option if you’re looking for a good burger and a tasty craft beer from tap. 

Intrepid de Gracia - Very good dishes to share and a staff who is very knowledgeable about wines. 

The Quick Greek - Inexpensive Greek Street food to go, and good authentic Greek foods to buy to take home. 

Lluritu, Barcelona

Lluritu, Barcelona

Lluritu -  One of my favorite seafood restaurants, humble but oh so cool. Book a table in the back or stay by the bar for a drink and a snack. 

Messié Sin Gluten - if you’re celiac or like to avoid gluten but have a pizza craving then look no further..! All the pizzas here are gluten free. 

El Tast de Joan Noi - Inside the market Mercat de la Llibertat you can find this little bar next to a fish stand. Go here for the freshest seafood ever, the tuna is delicious! Read post here. 


Bar La Beata - Looking for craft beer? La Beata is your place! Good options on tap and bottle, and something to nibble on too. 

Bloody Mary Cocktail Lounge, Barcelona

Bloody Mary Cocktail Lounge, Barcelona

Bloody Mary Cocktail Lounge - Such a cosy little bar where the cocktails are made to perfection (without too much damage to your wallet). Good snacks too, try the oven-baked bravas with herbs. They have 10 different Bloody Marys! Full post here. 

Bodega del Sol - This shop specializes in craft beer, they have so many to choose from. Buy one or two (or many) and sit down on the Plaza del Sol next to the shop if weather permits.

La Vermuteria del Tano -Aa very old school, humble kind of bar, go here for a delicious vermouth and a snack. 

Bar Salvatge - A cosy wine bar that focuses on natural wines. 

Desserts and sweets:

Candela Canela - A shop full of cinnamon rolls, is that paradise or what? Make sure you try the dulce de leche one. They’ve got specialty coffee if you need something strong to go with your roll. 

Lukumas Barcelona

Lukumas Barcelona

Lukumas - Fantastic donuts that you’ll be dreaming about long afterwards, and specialty coffee. Read post here. 

Parallelo Gelato, Barcelona

Parallelo Gelato, Barcelona

Parallelo Gelato - In this ice-cream lab anything can happen. Very exciting flavours are created here, seasonal and fun, with local ingredients. Read more here!

La Besneta - A 100% vegan bakery with gorgeous (and very delicious) cakes and sweets. 

Sil’s Cakes - American style cakes and cookies that will leave you breathless.  

Chök - Their shop in Raval has a constant queue, but this chocolate bakery is much calmer but equally as good, if not better.


La Festival - An excellent wine shop with many options, and interesting events. 

Carrer Verdi: There are a few great shops on Verdi, more or less between Robí and Terol. I like the clothes shops The VOS Shop and Picnic, a few hand-made jewellery shops and home goods at Fulanitu i Menganita (they have two shops very close to each other on Verdi). 

Handmade jewelry  - In addition to Verdi also Bonavista and the lower part of Torrent de l’Olla host several little shops with beautiful hand-made jewelry. 

Gatuari - Not appropriate under shopping but it doesn't exactly fit under eating or drinking: If you are looking to adopt a cat or just want to play with one (or many), make sure you drop by Gatuari. They also organize yoga with cats and other interesting events. Read post here. 

Carrer Bonavista - This street also has several interesting clothes shops like Mushi Mushi, a cool bar called Bar But, and a great lifestyle shop called Be.

May 28th - Just next to Carrer Verdi (on Vallfogona) you'll find this shop that is jam-packed with beautiful items by local designers, a real treat if you are looking for a cool gift (including one for yourself).

The Pink Peony - my favorite place to get my nails done: a very friendly and calm atmosphere. 

Bridal wear  - Gracia is wonderful for any bride to be: there are many small independent shops that specialize in bridal wear, like Otaduy, Modart, Érase Una Vez, L'Avetis, Renoviart, Khog, Grace Barcelona, Lorenapanea....