Le Bistrot de Pierrot - To France and Back in a Bite

Did you know that there is a street in Gótico that actually is quiet? And that on this particular street there is a French restaurant? A humble, authentic, French restaurant that transports you to Lyon and back in a bite?

Le Bistrot de Pierrot, Barcelona

Le Bistrot de Pierrot, Barcelona

I recently had the opportunity to visit Le Bistrot de Pierrot, a French restaurant that opened a few months ago. The staff and the food is all French (and the background music), and I dare you not to fall in love with it. I am a big fan of restaurants that aren't showing off, that lets the food talk for itself. That's Le Bistrot de Pierrot for you in a nutshell. 

During lunch the restaurant fills with clients from nearby offices, and in the evenings locals and French expats fill the tables. For lunch there is a menu del día, whereas at night you have a full menu to choose from, including a long wine list, where all of the wines listed are organic. You can choose to sit by the bar where they have a shorter menu that you can accompany with a glass of wine or several. 

Le Bistrot de Pierrot

My visit took place during lunch, and the gastronomic journey to our neighboring country started with a tuna tartar with citrus. It was beautifully presented, and I was thrilled with the explosion of flavors when the tuna met the mandarin and orange. Wow. I paired it with a Côtes du Rhône and I was in HEAVEN. 

Le Bistrot de Pierrot

The main course was a turbot, fried with butter on a bed of leek. Again, perfection. I am a big fan of butter in cooking, probably because of my heritage and it tugs at my heart strings every time I taste it in a dish. For dessert I could choose between pears in wine or a creme brûlée, and I opted for the latter. An excellent choice too, and it rounded off the meal perfectly. 

Le Bistrot de Pierrot

For me a sure sign that a restaurant has been good is when I am planning for when I could go back the moment I leave. When I left the restaurant I called my husband and asked when we could go there for dinner together. Preferably as soon as possible.

Le Bistrot de Pierrot


Atmosphere: Humble. Aren't we a bit tired of the over-the-top modern or frilly? You will not get that here, and that is more than appreciated. 

Recommendations: The cheese and cured meat boards are interesting, all the ingredients are bought directly from small producers in France. Look out for the wines too that are all organic. 

Specifics: They have a space for groups on the second floor, and there will be a library soon too!

Price: €€

Reservations: Recommended.

Address: Carrer de Julià Portet 6