Timeline is adorable. It’s tiny, but that’s ok, once you find a little corner to sit down on and you have the mojito of the week in your hand it’s all just fine. This is the place that you always thought was missing in Barcelona. A place that’s comfortable and cute and dark and where you can sit and talk (and drink) for hours.

It feels like an extension of your living room but with nachos. In addition to this they do brunch. At brunch you choose a hot dish and help yourself to the buffet at the counter. Oh, and you can choose bottomless mimosas, which is a wonderful option..!  

Nachos at Timeline, Barcelona

Nachos at Timeline, Barcelona


Atmosphere: So cozy and I’d even dare say romantic! It’s dark and small and the only thing missing is the open fire. You can’t find a lot of places like this in the city. 
Recommended: They have a small bar-snack kind of menu with sandwiches, salads and such. I think the nachos are great, and the drinks are strong and tasty. The brunch is a buffet-type thing, where you also choose a hot dish from the menu. And bottomless mimosas is also an option!
Specifics: Both Timeline and Avenue have the same owner, and they both have that charming touch.  
Price: € 
Reservations: Necessary for brunch.