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Welcome to Barcelona Food Experience! I'm on a mission to find good, affordable food in the city, and share it with you. I hope you will find something you like! 


Avenue is great for meeting up with friends for drinks and some snacks, or if you feel like a proper English style breakfast/brunch in the weekend. They have some good vegetarian options too on their menu.  It’s in the upper part of Torrent de l’Olla, so it doesn’t get packed but still is busy enough. The decoration is very charming, with lots of little details here and there that catches your attention.

 Avenue Bar, Barcelona

Avenue Bar, Barcelona


Atmosphere: Lovely! This is a place that invites you to stay for hours. Some of the chairs and sofas are really comfortable, and the decoration is interesting with a lot of effort put into details. It’s not too loud and you actually hear what the other person is saying. 

Recommended: Anything brunch related. I like the English breakfast, it’s huge and very tasty. The desserts are pretty amazing too…

Specifics: The decoration of this place is really something, and changes every now and then. I also like that the food is infused with a little bit of international (banoffee pie anyone..?)

Price: €

Reservations: For larger groups than just two I’d make a reservation. For just two people you can usually find space, particularly on the high chairs in the back. 

 Burger with egg: brunch at Avenue, Barcelona

Burger with egg: brunch at Avenue, Barcelona