Features Overview

Since I started Barcelona Food Experience I've had A LOT of good food, but do you know what has been most memorable of it all? The people. I've met so many talented and dedicated people who have shared their passion of food with me. Amazing people who's biggest dream has been to open a restaurant, bar or café and made their dream come true. I feel fortunate to be able to be a part of it, and my most important mission is to transmit their passion to those who follow my blog, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Do you have a business and you'd like to share your passion with me and my followers? Here are a few ways we can collaborate:

Lula Barcelona


Through my channels I reach close to 50.000 people who are interested in Barcelona, food, restaurants, bars and cafés. Pretty great, right? If you think your place has that something special, get in touch with me and see if we can collaborate! 



Do you need photos of your dishes or your cakes, drinks or maybe your restaurant or bar? If you like the photos you see in my web or my Instagram (they're all taken by me!), contact me and we'll make magic happen! 


Content Manager

I create content and manage Instagram and Facebook pages for a few clients. I still have one spot left, if you think our styles match get in touch with me and we'll talk more!



Are you planning an event? Drop me a line and we'll be there: tweeting, liveblogging and publishing pictures and Instagram Stories before, during and after.