10 Dishes & 10 Desserts to Obsess About

You know those dishes that you can't get out of your head and you dream about too often? Here is our list of 10 obsessions (a very subjective list obviously!), in no particular order:

1. The Laksa at Hawker 45. I'd call it a fetish, I cannot get it out of my head. Rich, creamy, flavourful and unforgettable.

Patty Melt at Chivuo´s, Barcelona

Patty Melt at Chivuo´s, Barcelona

2. The Patty Melt at Chivuo's. My goodness, all that cheddar cheese (they don't skimp on it, you'll get plenty of the stuff), the caramelised onion and that magical mayonnaise. Thank you for creating this amazingness.

3. The Canyuts at La Estrella. Canyuts are tiny little razor clams that come to Barcelona in a fishing boat from the Ebro Delta, and at La Estrella they dress them in a nutty sauce. Taste them and die happy.

Canyuts at La Estrella, Barcelona

Canyuts at La Estrella, Barcelona

4. Pizza #9 at Parking Pizza. Yeah, it's old news, but it's a craving and that's it. Truffle, egg, fontina and parmesan cheese.

5. Fat Elvis at Big Al's. Peanut butter and banana in a burger, it might sound terrible but in reality it is HEAVEN in a bun.

6. Morels at La Taverna del Clinic - They make them in a foie gras sauce and you could eat a bucketful of them.

Solomillo con foie at Vaso de Oro, Barcelona

Solomillo con foie at Vaso de Oro, Barcelona

7. Solomillo con foie in Vaso de Oro - A classic dish, and even though you're probably going to eat it standing up (it's a crowded place) it's so worth it. 

Tostada de atun at Costa Pacifico, Barcelona

Tostada de atun at Costa Pacifico, Barcelona

8. Tostada de atun at Costa Pacifico - I am so obsessed with tostadas (the Mexican ones that are like huge nachos), with tuna and a spicy mayonnaise. 

9. Duck canelón at Antunez - The king of all canelóns can be had a Antunez, it takes my breath away. 

10. Egg Carpaccio at Bar Mut - This dish is difficult to describe, you just need to try it. Pine nuts, shrimp, little threads of potato... 

Also worth mentioning:

The bravas at Bormuth, The bread with aioli at La Cova Fumada, the fries at Timesburg, provolone at La Tavernicola, ceviche at Toma Ya Streetfood...

10 Desserts to obsess about:

Again, in no particular order.

1. Matcha cheesecake at Kitsune - Even better than it sounds. Plus it's so pretty.

Matcha Cheesecake Kitsune Barcelona

2. Ferrero Rocher Coulant at La Prudencia del Raval - I don't think we need any explanations to that.

Ferrero Rocher Coulant Prudencia del Raval Barcelona

3. Passionfruit cheesecake at Santa Gula - It's a classic on their menu, and I'm not surprised why, it's simply incredible.

4. Chocolate, salt and olive oil at La Porca - One of my favourite desserts ever, and here it is absolutely divine. 

5. Brigadeiros at Kibuka - Order the set of three different flavours. They are very sweet but incredibly good. 

6. Truffle Tiramisu at Mont Bar - It comes in the form of a semifreddo and whoever came up with this dessert is a genius. The truffle drives me crazy, in the best of ways. 

Mont Bar Barcelona

7. Chocolate pillows at Floreta - This little restaurant in Poble Nou might not be famous, but they are very friendly and the food is exceptionally good. I can't get my mind off their chocolate pillows. 

8. French Toast at Picnic Restaurant - I adore French Toast, and the ones at Picnic never fail to astonish me. 

Uay Balam Barcelona

9. Four texture chocolate at Uay Balam - They make amazing things in their bakery, and the four texture chocolate is one of them.

10. Coulant at Ca l'Isidre - This restaurant is a classic, and the coulant comes in a little pot and you wish it would never finish.