20 Food Secrets About Me..!

Maria Astrand Barcelona Food Experience

1. I didn't like wine until I was 22 years old.

2. I didn't eat olives until I was 21.

3. I cannot stand it when somebody puts food on my plate (except at a restaurant obviously). I HAVE to do it myself. Also I get anxiety if there is too much food on my plate.

4. One of my most annoying restaurant experiences is when the waiter ignores me and only talks to my husband. Sometimes I ask my husband not to say a word to the waiters during the whole dinner and let me do all the talking.

5. I eat mostly vegan food during the week (if we don't go out for dinner).

Sopa Barcelona

6. I don't eat out every day even though it might seem like it. We don't have time and we can't afford it, hehe! 

7. Bacalao is my least favourite food. 

8. There's one place in Barcelona where we've eaten only once and never went back again, because the service was terrible. It's a shame because it's a cool place. The name of the restaurant starts with an E...

9. The first time I met my husband I spilled his drink... It was a rum with lemon.

Carousel Bar New Orleans

10. I used to make my cat's food myself every day for two years to cure him of his asthma. It worked.

Ragdoll Otis Cat

11. My first meal in Barcelona was egg and bacon. Embarrassing, I know. 

12. 90% of the times I drink alcohol is during the day, instead of at night. I definitely prefer daytime drinking..!

13. That said, I get drunk with one glass of wine.

Cellarer Wine Bar Barcelona

Cellarer Wine Bar Barcelona

14. Noticed that there are barely any suggestions for restaurants with Asian or Indian food here or on my Instagram? The reason is easy: my husband is not a big fan so we never go to those kinds of restaurants..!

15. I never used to eat pancakes or waffles until quite recently, I found them rather pointless..! (Now I love them)

Tropico Barcelona

Tropico Barcelona

16. I really don't like candlelit dinners, I can't stand not seeing what I'm eating. Plus I had to recently get glasses because I can't see what I eat..! 

17. Quite recently I had my worst restaurant experience here in Barcelona. The food was great but the service was really, really terrible. The waiter was obnoxious, threw our dishes in front of us, didn't bring us what we had asked for and was generally very rude. It's a well-known restaurant close to Paseo de Gracia.

18. I've only been to one Michelin-star restaurant. 

Oysters St Roch New Orleans

19. I get slightly annoyed if I'm really enjoying a meal but somebody can't stop talking for a second AND expects me to interact..! :)

20. There is a naked breast in one of my pictures in Instagram. And it's not from the beach. And it's not mine. :)