Bermont Coffee - High Level Specialty Coffee

Bermont Coffee Barcelona

Bermont Coffee Barcelona

Bernat who owns Bermont Coffee is a coffee genious. He has a lot if experience and is very enthusiastic about his coffee, so make sure to ask him anything you want to know. This café is very inviting and you can spend hours here, AND even make new friends. It’s one of those places where you feel you already kind of know the people who come in through the doors even if you’ve never met them. Plus you’re going to get excellent specialty coffee. 


Atmosphere: Really, really lovely, it’s a very small place but you’ll feel right at home. 

Recommended: Bermont is the only place in Barcelona and in Spain where you can have a Fellow coffee, do try it out! They also do aeropress, V60 and other interesting things. If you’re into specialty coffee you won’t be disappointed here. 

Specifics: They have a little something to snack on too if you are hungry: tasty cakes and avocado toasts to name a few. 


Reservations: N/A

Carrer de Breton de los Herreros 4, Barcelona