Top 10 CHEAP EATS in Barcelona - GUEST POST

I am so excited to include this new list here in Barcelona Food Experience: Top 10 Cheap Eats! I wanted to do this post since a long time now, and I decided to ask Adnan from Barcelona Cheap Eat who is the guru of eating inexpensive and tasty, and he put together an amazing list of his top 10 favorites. It is packed with gems! Adnan has so much insight into gastronomy, and is very passionate about the subject. You can follow him on Instagram @bcncheapeat (don’t miss his IGTV!) and his Youtube channel, they are both really informative, fun and interesting!


Top 10 Cheap Eats

It’s no secret that Barcelona is known for its fresh restaurant scene, from the hip brunch places, to the Ferran Adria related gourmet restaurants, but there is one category which does not really get the attention it deserves: CHEAP EATS!

The word “cheap” is typically associated with poor quality food, but this is truly just a misconception here in the city, you just need to hunt for them! The recommendations below have all passed my FOUR F-rule:


FRUGAL (inexpensive)

FILLING (for the average appetite)

and that I would recommend it FOR A FRIEND

Teddy’s, Barcelona

Teddy’s, Barcelona

Here are my top 10 cheap eats so far in Barcelona (in random order):

Doña Jacinta – This authentic Venezuelan eatery in Poblenou is a true hidden gem which that few knows about. At my visit, I met the daughter of Doña Jacinta, she treats her guests with a special warmth, and presents her home-made food proudly; from deep-fried empanadas, to HUGE cheesy tequeños and beautiful cachapas. Don’t forget to try the chicha; a sweet condensed milk-based drink with cinnamon.

Price: 10 EUR for a full feast (seriously full) but you can make it much cheaper.

Address: Calle Pallars 319(Poblenou)

Super Coffee & Food - Chef Justin presents his dishes (curries, bobotie, salads) from South-Africa with high quality lunch deals for on the go. From incredible tasty starters, to main dishes which are adventurous, to the impeccable desserts; This guy knows what he is doing. My first job in Barcelona was right around the corner, so I used to come here once a week. This is something fresh, different, healthy, but hearty at the same time. By the way, their coffee is pretty damn good too….

Price: 9.90 EUR for their complete 3-course meal. Perfect for lunch.

Address: Carrer Boronat 102(Poblenou)

TEDDY’S -This Lebanese joint serves up delicious healthy Saj(bread). From vegetarian & vegan friendly; baked falafel, hummus, zaatar to more meat friendly; such as a Lamahojoun (Lebanese meat pizza) and halloumi cheese. The bread is made on a traditional stove right in front of you, then filled with all kind of goodness. Teddy’s big presence is felt, through the laughter and smiles which he puts on the face of his guests. As a result, the eatery has climbed up to Top 3 on TripAdvisor.

Price: Avg. 4.50 EUR for an incredible fresh Saj Roll

Address: Carrer Carme 70 (Raval)

Bar la Patata -I cannot get over how ridiculously tasty and special these potatoes are. They are salt-baked, and comes drenched in an incredible silky mustard-based sauce, but it is a secret, which has been kept within the family for generations. Only a 25 min train ride from the Plaza Catalunya, go there with a group of friends on a Sunday afternoon, to make it a perfect way to experience local food and people, without a tourist in sight. Who said good tapas is expensive?

Price: Seriously the potatoes (1EUR per one huge potato drowning in secret sauce) are the stars here. They are filling so it becomes very cheap.

Address: Carrer de Ramoneda, 40, Cornellà de Llobregat, Barcelona

African Foni – In the deep heart of Raval, you will find the only Gambian restaurant in the city, and they serve MAFFE! Chicken tossed in a deep and heavy peanut butter gravy, laid on a bed of fluffy rice. The food and that Gambian hospitality makes it such a pleasurable food experience. Don’t forget to order the ginger drink!

Price: 5.5 EUR per dish, huge portions and vegan dishes too!

Address: Carrer de l'Est 9(Raval)

Falafel Mercat - This is arguably one of the best value falafels the city has to offer. I know, it is a bold statement, however I have brought many of my vegetarian friends here and the reaction is the same every time. The hand-made falafel is fried right in front of you, then you get it an empty pita, which you fill up as much as you want (or can) with the wide variety of authentic condiments such as fatoosh, tabbouleh, grapevine leaves. A real bargain in the barrio of Born:

Price: 4.5 EUR for the falafel, a proper bang for your buck!

Address: Carrer Sant Pere Mes Baix 66 (Born)

Chennai Masala Dosa – A vegan/vegetarian heaven. The first South Indian place in Barcelona and they to the best dosas in town. The family run restaurant attracts locals and youngsters alike for a proper home cooked meal. Much lighter food than the typical north Indian cuisine. If you have not tried this, then you are missing out on one of India's famous dishes!

Price: Avg. 8 EUR for a new Indian food experience. Boom!

Address: Carrer de Galileu, 326(Les Corts)

El Cocinero de Damasco – The owner’s (Kabbaz) family has been making shawarma for generations back in Syria, and he has continued this tradition in Barcelona. He one of the most charming owners’ that I ever met, even better; he serves perhaps the best Shawarma in the city. He prepares the meat with respect, spicing, massaging, then layering the turkey and lamb meat from the market on that hot rotating spit. Trust me, this one is a winner.

Price: Avg. 5.5 EUR for the best shawarma in the city

Address: Carrer dels Templers 2(Gotico)

Gyoza Bar - These Japanese dumplings is not as good as in high end restaurants but they are still quality and at a bargain price. You can get these beauties with meat, seafood or vegetable fillings, steamed or fried. The lovely ladies behind the counter prepares the gyozas on the spot, right in front of you!

Price: Avg. 5.50 EUR for 10 Gyozas, now if that’s cheap!.

Address: Carrer de Roger de Flor, 57

La Mona Patisserie – Let’s end it with a sweet one. Now this is my neighbourhood go to place when I have sweet tooth. They do some amazing cakes, but for me there are three items which really stands out: Their, dark perfectly baked brownies, their tart lemon pie (perhaps the biggest star of them all), and the salted shortbread crusted caramel bar. The owners are super sweet and everyone who I have recommended this to, have been deeply grateful.

Price: Avg. 3 EUR, which is significantly lower than the average in the barrio.

Address: Carrer dels Assaonadors, 29(Born)