Best of 2017


2017 is coming to an end and I want to celebrate it with a list of what my culinary year has been like. Here are a few of my personal favorites this year!

Favorite Restaurants Overall

As if. It's like asking a parent who's their favourite child..! 

Informal, Barcelona

Informal, Barcelona

Best treats

Informal - Excellent locally sourced ingredients, dishes full with flavour, friendly staff in an unhurried place. 

La Taverna del Clinic - Classy place with fantastic local food and a great wine list. I like to go for the dishes to share, because I want to try as much as possible. It’s not cheap but it’s worth every cent.

Best brunch

French Toast at Enkel, Barcelona

French Toast at Enkel, Barcelona

Can Dendê - It’s tiny but the brunch menu is interesting and the pancakes unforgettable.

La Carioca - Their tapioca pancakes with dulce de leche... No words. 

Enkel - The French toast is incredible! 

Best home delivery

Sushi Shop - I’ve ordered far too many times from here. They have a good, interesting selection and hasn’t failed so far.

Parking Pizza - I'm sorry, it might be a boring choice because everybody talks about it but I cannot live without their egg and truffle pizza.

 Big Al's - Their Fat Elvis (peanut butter and banana) is heaven in a burger. Plus their curly fries are excellent. 

Green Spot, Barcelona

Green Spot, Barcelona

Best healthy

The Hip Fish - They use certified wild-caught fish for their poke bowls and sushi burritos and I love how fresh their ingredients are. 

The Green Spot - I love the interior (plus they have the cleanest windows I've ever seen!) and the food is really good, it's all vegetarian or vegan and they are quite innovative with their menu.

Hammock Juice Station - I have nothing but love for this friendly, cosy place with healthy food and juices. 

Fit Kitchen - These guys know everything about nutrition, and make fantastic meals that fill you up and give you the energy to go on all day. 

Lluritu, Barcelona

Lluritu, Barcelona

Best New

Lluritu - I don't want to talk about this place because I don't want anybody to know about it. But here we go. Amazing seafood is to be had here, in this simple bar-like restaurant. 

Teòric - Interesting food to share and a very knowledgeable staff. 

Masala 73 - Elaborated Indian flavours presented in a, easy-to-approach, street food kind of style. 

La Taverna Xinesa - Two young Chinese girls came to Barcelona, studied at prestigious Hoffman and decided to open a restaurant. Thank you, we love you for it. 

Dr Stravinsky, Barcelona

Dr Stravinsky, Barcelona

Best Cocktails

33 by Santi Ortiz - I loved this place from the first time I stepped trough the anonymous doors. Fantastic cocktails, great staff, adorable cosy deco.

Dr Stravinsky - A crazy bar that looks like an old lab, and the cocktails are very elaborated and good, obviously. 

Bloody Mary - Still one of my favourites, cute little place in a quiet location that makes it somewhat of a secret. 

Flax & Kale Passage, Barcelona

Flax & Kale Passage, Barcelona

Best Staff

Itacate - They pour their heart and soul into what they do, and I'm pretty sure they make friends with everyone that come through their doors. I love it. 

Roast Club Café - These guys make you feel at home right away, and you can clearly see it is one of their main priorities. 

Flax & Kale Passage - I don't know what they've done and where they have found these people, but my goodness are they nice! 

BierCab - There's this one guy that is seriously the most professional I've ever seen, plus fastest too. I'm always impressed. If somebody knows his name let me know, and I'll add it here.  

Porridge at Itacate, Bacelona

Porridge at Itacate, Bacelona

Best Breakfast

Itacate - So many things to choose from, and such good vibes.

Cosmo La Central - Hidden away in a library this café offers a beautiful terrace and an excellent breakfast board. 

Patty Melt at Chivuo's, Barcelona

Patty Melt at Chivuo's, Barcelona

Best dishes

Hawker 45 - The Laksa. Amazing. 

Chivuo's - Their patty melt makes me cry: toasted buttery bread, SO MUCH CHEESE, and caramelised onion. Perfection. 

Oaxaca - The tuna tostada is an obsession of mine.  

Bodega Fermin, Barcelona

Bodega Fermin, Barcelona

Best craft beer 

Bodega Fermin - Old bodega turned into cosy craft beer paradise in Barceloneta. 

BierCab - I can't deny it, they know their stuff and their 30 taps keep changing very frequently. You will always find something interesting to taste. Don't go to the next door shop or you will leave with a bag full of gems and a big hole in your wallet. 

Lambicus - I'm a big fan of Belgian beers and this bar and shop is heaven. 

Bubbling under - Bodega del Sol: it's a shop but they have such a good selection and they have a separate fridge just for ciders!

Caj Chai Teahouse, Barcelona

Caj Chai Teahouse, Barcelona

Best café 

A bit of a long list here, because it was so difficult to choose..!

Caj Chai Teahouse - Technically a teahouse and not a café, but anyway: so many teas to choose from, here they know their stuff and they make their own blends. Also beautiful ceramics to buy.

Espai Joliu - A winner in so many categories: friendly staff, beautiful place, good food and pastries, great vibe.  

Hidden Café - They put a lot of effort into good quality in everything they do, including visiting Japan themselves to get the best matcha. 

Frenesi Café - Cosy place with lovely staff and atmosphere. 

Roast Club Café - Because the staff is lovely and the place so darn cute. Plus they focus a lot on quality here. 

Departure Coffee - So welcoming, a bit off the beaten path, with an art gallery... I love it. 

Mecanic - Very recently opened cafe-art gallery-bookshop in Gracia that is absolutely wonderful. 

Bertso Taberna, Barcelona

Bertso Taberna, Barcelona

Favorite authentic restaurants

La Cova Fumada - I am helplessly in love and it remains my favourite since years now. 

Bertso Taberna - This Basque gem of a secret in Gracia is so good, and the staff is so friendly. 

Bar Bodega Ca'l Pep - There are two places with similar names and I'm referring to the one in Gracia. It's an old bodega and the staff is very nice. Go here for a vermouth. 

Burger at Caravelle, Barcelona

Burger at Caravelle, Barcelona

Favorite burger

Bar Centro - Good burgers, excellent craft beers and the cheesy tequeños are very good. 

Caravelle - They do magic with their burgers, and your life will not be the same after you've tried it.

Big Al's - Fat Elvis with peanut butter and banana is life changing, but do not miss the quesadilla burger. I love their curly fries. 

Best Asian

Hawker 45 - South East Asian street food upgraded to HEAVEN.

Elephant Crocodile Monkey - Their Tom Yum soup is addictive.

FAN-Shoronpo - Excellent ramen in a down-to earth restaurant. 

Passion fruit roll at Demasié, Barcelona

Passion fruit roll at Demasié, Barcelona

Favorite Dessert

Demasié - Their rolls are magnificent and come in many different versions, including vegan ones. I love the passionfruit roll. 

La Prudencia del Raval - Their Ferrero Rocher coulant is wonderful, and the place is cute too.

Dirty South - Their brownie, made from the first ever original brownie recipe, is the best brownie I've ever had. 

Parallelo Gelato - Fun and crazy flavours made with top locally sourced ingredients. They have a lab in the back where they make all of their creations.

Cookie dough at Cookona, Barcelona

Cookie dough at Cookona, Barcelona

Favorite surprise

Cookona - A place for cookie dough lovers! So cute, and such a wonderful concept.

The Pie Shoppe - What a great idea! Excellent pies, delicious scotch eggs and curated craft beer menu. 

Ferment 9 - These people are geniuses, and they know how to ferment ANYTHING. Go here for kombucha, jun, water kefir, kimchi, labneh.... 

Scotch Eggs at The Pie Shoppe, Barcelona

Scotch Eggs at The Pie Shoppe, Barcelona

Restaurants I wish I would have visited

Bar Salvatge - A recently opened bar with natural and organic wines on Verdi in Gracia. I need to go asap. 

Hapo Sake Bar - This place is actually in Mataró. the food looks great, the drinks look amazing. 

L'Escale Bistrot - I've heard such good things about this French restaurant, can't wait to try it. 

So that was my 2017 in a nutshell. Soon to come: my plans for eating in 2018. Can't wait for what the new year has in store!