Best Service

Sometimes I hear complaints about the service in some of the restaurants in Barcelona. I've had my fair share, but none of these places are listed in this website. Friendly service is so important, it really makes up a significant part of the whole gastronomic experience. 

Here are my favorite places for friendly service:

Santa Gula – These guys are so nice and it’s always a pleasure to visit. And the food is A-MAZING. 

Plaça de Narcís Oller 3

La Cova Fumada – It helps if you know Spanish or Catalan, but these guys are great even if they are crazy busy. The young guy speaks English. Check out the adorable granny in the kitchen. 

Carrer del Baluart 56

Casa Mari y Rufo – It’s a family owned business and sure, they argue sometimes, but they are hilarious with the guests. Read more here.

Carrer de Freixures 11

Chivuo’s – They have so much work and are so popular, but it keeps that neighborhood bar feel and everybody’s super nice.

Carrer del Torrent de l'Olla 175

Tandoor – Oh my gosh how nice they are! I almost want to cry a little when I go there, because the food is so good and the staff is so nice. A full review of Tandoor restaurant here. 

Carrer d'Aragó 8