Buenaventura - Healthy Organic Lunch and Brunch

I have written about Buenaventura before, just after they opened, but now I visited it again with Claudia from Coffee and Brunch Bcn and Rosa Virginia (check out her Youtube channel!) to check out their newly launched brunch. Wow I say!

Buenaventura is somewhat off the beaten path which I think is fantastic. It is not on a street you'd hang around on a lot (there's just not much else interesting there) so it doesn't get too busy. The place is pretty big so you don't have to wait, neither for seating nor the food. Another big plus is that they have wifi.


Now Buenaventura is doing brunch, which I am very excited about. And the best thing is that they do brunch during weekdays too! The place is closed on Sundays though for now. You can have your brunch until 16.30, which is perfect if you wake up late. During the week they open up already at 8AM, and 9AM on Saturdays. 


The idea behind the brunch (and the food in Buenaventura in general) is that it's healthy, organic and nutritious, as well as tasty too, of course. So what did we try? Lots of different things! We started off with a smoothie bowl packed with all things good for you: mango, pineapple, carrot, turmeric, ginger, dates and orange juice, with fruit and granola on top. We also opted for a tabbouleh quinoa salad with a lovely mint and cinnamon aroma to it. Smoothies are a must when you have a brunch, we chose a green smoothie with kiwi, kale, parsley, apple, dates and lemon juice. 


After this it was time for the hot dishes. We were curious about the Eggs Benedict, and they were perfect. The eggs and the sauce were delicious. They have vegan Eggs Benedict too! Next time I'm there I'll make sure to try them. We had pancakes too of course, made with spelt flour and with apple syrup and fruit. 

Buenaventura Eggs Benedict

My absolute favourite was the vegan quesadilla. Sure, one might be a bit suspicious first (I am a huge cheese fan) but they proved me completely wrong. They were fantastic! They are filled with spinach and almond cheese, and come with pico de gallo, guacamole and a marvellous vegan cashew cream cheese. I could have eaten the sour cream with a spoon, it was SO good!

Buenaventura pancakes

Buenaventura is a great newcomer in the brunch scene in Barcelona, and it is really appreciated that there are more healthy options in the city. And places where we can bring our vegan friends too! I love it how innovative the vegan options are, there are plenty of choices for everyone.

Go and try it out, Buenaventura is a nice new breath of fresh air! 

 Address: C/ Trafalgar 50, Eixample, Barcelona

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