Guide to Copenhagen - a Foodie Heaven


Our trip to Copenhagen was such a treat so I thought I’d share some highlights with you in a guide of the city. I did a lot of research online before the trip but I also received A LOT of fantastic advice from my Instagram followers.

I enjoyed Copenhagen for many reasons. It’s a great city for a food enthusiast (chosen to be one of the top ones by the Telegraph, link here) with so many cool, laid-back places to eat and/or drink. The best restaurant in the world is there too, Noma, and other gourmet restaurants, but we keep our purse strings tight and go for cheaper options.

It’s easy to move around in the city. We downloaded an app called DOT which you can use to buy a ticket for the subway or the bus. You can buy it for different zones and it’s valid for 1h 15 mins. You will need WiFi to buy the ticket though, but only in the moment you buy it. The app charges the ticket to your credit card. Very easy!

But you don’t necessarily need transport to get around, we mostly walked from one neighbourhood to the other. Copenhagen is not very big, and that also adds to its charm. The city is very kid-friendly, it’s a great place to go for families too.   


Craft beer:

Copenhagen is Mikkeller central, they’ve added very cool bars and restaurants to the local food and drink scene. We liked:

Kolsters Tolv Haner, Copenhagen

Kolsters Tolv Haner, Copenhagen

Mikkeller: This is the original Mikkeller bar. We were quite surprised when realizing that it’s quite a small basement-like bar. But it’s full of atmosphere!

Mikkeller & Friends: I liked this place even better than Mikkeller. The decoration is very Scandinavian, there’s cute art on the walls and little nooks here and there to sit and have a drink.

Brus: Excellent craft beer by To Øl and their friends, and the food is absolutely delicious. Do not miss this place!

Brus Copenhagen

Mikropolis: A small bar, also owned by Mikkeller. They have a few craft beers or tap and really, really good beer-based cocktails. I still dream about the cocktail I had, with chocolate and chili…

Kølsters Tolv Haner: So adorable! Beautiful space with lots of light. The furniture is all second hand, and the food and drinks organic. They brew their own beer and cider, too!

Warpigs: This is the kind of place where you go with friends and sit there for hours, eating and drinking. They have lots of craft beers to choose from, and barbequed ribs and wings and such. We had a dinner reservation so we didn’t eat here, although I wish we would, the food looked amazing.

Copenhagen Street Food, Copenhagen

Copenhagen Street Food, Copenhagen

Breakfast and brunch:

Copenhagen is fantastic for both breakfast and brunch. And the places open early, so that you don’t have to wait until lunch time to eat.

Fars Dreng, Copenhagen

Fars Dreng, Copenhagen

Mad & Kaffe: this place was chosen as the best brunch place in 2015, and I totally understand why. The place itself is so cute, it reminds me of somebody’s granny’s house with cute wallpapers and adorable furniture. For breakfast or brunch you order from a menu with lots of small dishes, and you order 3, 5 or 7 different items, plus your drinks. It’s all brought to you on a wooden tray (as hip places should J ) and you can dig in. You almost certainly have to wait for a table (you can only book a table for lunch, not for breakfast) but it’s worth it.

Fars Dreng: a small place with such a good brunch. We chose a breakfast board with cheeses, fruit, avocado and delicious bread (I really loved the rye bread!). I ordered a matcha latte and got a big bowl of it, it was fantastic. And the waffle we shared for dessert was great too.

Det Vide Hus: We had a quick breakfast here with hot chocolate and a croissant. It’s located just next to Rosenborg Castle, and it’s like a little house on two floors, with creaky floors and cute old-fashioned windows.

Det Vide Hus, Copenhagen

Det Vide Hus, Copenhagen

Lunch and dinner:

Copenhagen Street Food: Such an amazing place. Lots of street food, all under one roof. You can find anything and everything here, Italian antipasti, sushi, smørrebrod, pulled duck, burgers, duck-fat fries… When we were in Copenhagen it was pretty cold, and we sat by an open fire..! Can it get any cosier than that? There are also plenty of drink options, craft beer, wine, cider, cocktails, and lots of non-alcoholic drinks too of course.

Mother: This gourmet pizza place is tremendously popular. The pizzas are fantastic, but in addition to this apparently their brunch is very special too.

Beau Marche Copenhagen

Beau Marché Café à Vins: Restaurant, café and interior decoration shop, all in one.

Torvehallerne: This is a market, but it’s filled with great places to eat too. We didn’t have time to eat here, but in particular Hallernes Smørrebrod was recommended to us.

Barburrito: Tacos might not be the first thing you think about when you go to Copenhagen, but you should include it in your itinerary. We loved their tacos very much, and the corn on the cob with chili and cheese was unforgettable.

Meyers Bakery: It’s both a deli and a café, and their brunch plates looked fantastic. I had a huge cinnamon roll though, and it was delish.

Faetter Faetter: So much atmosphere in this little place that specializes in toasts. The grilled cheese sandwich was fantastic.

Mad & Kaffe Copenhagen

Mad & Kaffe Copenhagen

Places I would have loved to visit but didn’t have time to:

Wood Wood Museum: A shop with beautiful Scandinavian clothes, all discounted.

Ruby: A speakeasy, on three floors.

Neighbourhood: Organic gourmet pizza and cocktails.

Kodbyens Fiskebar: Very popular seafood restaurant in the Meatpacking district.

Ol & Brød: We wanted to go to this restaurant just next to Mikkeller, but it was fully booked. Smørrebrod with a modern touch.

Foderbraettet: Gourmet Hot Dogs and cocktails, sounds like a winning combination.

Osteria 16: Fantastic Italian food for very little money.

Atelier September: Their breakfasts and brunches are fantastic they say, and if you like coffee you’ll get big bowls of it.

Møller Kaffe og Køkken: Similar to Mad & Kaffe, great for brunch.

Fleisch: A perfect place for a carnivore.

Things to See, Do and Shop

Tivoli - On our trip it was December and pretty cold, but the Danish know how to keep warm and make things cozy! Tivoli is lots of fun in summer, but they also open for a month or so during Christmas, and it’s quite an experience! Everything is beautifully decorated and there’s even “snow”! And anywhere you see there’s mulled wine, waffles and candy apples.

Tivoli Copenhagen
Botanical Gardens Copenhagen

Botanical Garden - I absolutely loved this place. If you’re into botanical gardens you’ll have a great time here, and there are so many photo opportunities.

Arket - H&M:s sophisticated little sister is definitely worth a visit. Their classy cuts remind me a lot of COS, but slightly easier to wear perhaps. They also have beautiful things for the home.