Cosmo La Central - A Bookworm's Secret Paradise

This is one of those places I don't want to tell anyone..! This beautiful café, Cosmo La Central, is hidden inside a bookstore. You can't see anything from the outside, you have to go in, up some stairs and in the back you can find it tucked in among the books. The cafe also has a beautiful terrace, although inside is lovely too: you are surrounded by plants hanging from the ceiling. 

Cosmo la Central Barcelona

They have a surprisingly long menu considering the kitchen is really small. I have opted for the matcha latte which is the biggest I've seen in Barcelona so far, and a breakfast board that was so big I couldn't finish it all. They no longer have WiFi, but it really is such a lovely peaceful place to sit and linger for a while. Go, but don't tell about the place to anyone..! 

Cosmo La Central Barcelona


Atmosphere: You are surrounded by books, so if you are a book lover this is paradise..! They have a nice terrace too, but many go there to smoke so it's not amazing unless you are lucky and share the space with non-smokers who sit outside to get some fresh air. 

Recommended: The matcha latte, it's huge! I also recommend the breakfast board, it is really big and not very expensive either. 

Specifics: You can't see this place from the outside which is great, the secret hopefully remains a secret a little bit longer..! You need to go into the bookshop, up some stairs and all the way in the back you find this lovely café. 


Reservations: N/A

Address: C/ Mallorca 236, Eixample, Barcelona