Essence at Espaisucre - Eating, Learning and Experiencing

Espaisucre is a dessert school, or better yet perhaps: a sweet university. It teaches the beautiful art of pastries and they have an excellent reputation both in Spain and abroad. They also do consulting and support restaurants with their dessert needs and knowledge. In 2000 they opened a dessert-only restaurant which was a huge success. Now they have launched Essence - The Sweet Experience. I had the opportunity to try it recently and it was mind-blowing. 

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Espaisucre is all about teaching, and the idea behind Essence is that while eating there will be a learning experience too. Right by the entrance you are greeted by a sign that says Thinking / Eating, which gives away that you are in for something different. They have developed their own educational tool that is used to go through the origin to everything that is served. I do not want to give away too much of what happens inside the doors of Espaisucre, but I can assure you that it is something you haven't experienced before. You will go through 3 savoury tapas, 5 desserts, and 3 sweet tapas, and it is indeed a gastronomic journey. 

Essence Espai Sucre

They open Tuesdays to Saturdays but for dinner service only, and a single seating per night. There are only 12 covers, so make sure you book well in advance! 

Address: C/ Sant Pere Més Alt 72, Born, Barcelona