Fábrica Moritz - Brewery and Restaurant

A bomba at Fabrica Moritz Barcelona

A bomba at Fabrica Moritz Barcelona

Fábrica Moritz opened its doors already some time ago, but I have been a bit suspicious. Would a brand of beers really have a restaurant that would be worthwhile trying out? In hindsight I wish I would have gone sooner. The food is really good! The menu is very long so you’re sure to find something that you like. They’ve got tapas, seafood, meat, snacks, you name it. On the weekends the line is long at peak hours. But if you go early you won’t have a problem, and it’s really worth it! 


Atmosphere: It’s a large space, a casual atmosphere, and with a view towards a pretty inner patio with a vertical garden. 

Recommended: I love their bravas and their delicious flammkuchen, they are a must try!

Specifics: If you’re not local you might not know that Moritz is a famous beer company, you can see the huge tanks inside. Oh, and don’t miss the really cool lifestyle shop next to the restaurant! And there’s a bakery too that’s very popular. 


Reservations: N/A

Ronda de Sant Antoni 39, Barcelona