Food Touring with Food Lovers Company

I have lived in Barcelona for a decade now, but I love discovering new places, and especially the really genuine, authentic gems. When I was approached by Food Lovers Company asking if I would like to join their tour I obviously said yes! 

Lovely Nuria was our tour guide for the day. She is a local, and it was so interesting to listen to her talk. I made good use of the time and asked her a million questions..! We started off in one of my absolute favourite tapas places, La Cova Fumada (you can read my full review of the place here). It is a very old place, the opening hours are a bit random, and there is no sign on the door, but the food is SO GOOD. It is simple dishes, but full of flavour. The staff is nice and very efficient too. You can’t book a table here so make sure you go early and that your party is complete (otherwise you’ll have to wait until everybody’s there) or go with the Food Lovers Company food tour! 

La Cova Fumada Barcelona

From La Cova Fumada we headed towards the next tapas bar. I won’t give away the names of all of the places, since it’s more fun if it’s a surprise! The next bar is also an old classic and another favourite of mine, where only a handful of tapas are served but they are all delicious, and their vermouth is unforgettable. Nuria told us stories about tapas, the bar and Catalan food culture in general. She is very knowledgeable and full of information, so make sure you make the most of the tour and ask lots of questions. 

Bar La Plata Barcelona

The next stop was a place completely unknown to me, but what a gem! It is a cheese shop that has a big chilled room filled with wonderful cheeses from around Spain. We tried a few of them together with a delicious wine. The shop also has ice cream made of a Spanish blue cheese, amazing! 

La Cova Fumada Barcelona

After munching on cheese Nuria took us a to a very secret location, in the middle of the Gothic quarters, that has the most amazing 360 degree views over the city! I had no idea such a place existed, it was quite an experience! 


The last place on the agenda was another Barcelona classic, a tapas bar with excellent reputation that is very popular with the locals. Make sure you go hungry on this tour, because you will eat plenty! Get all the info here!