Food trends 2016

I'm curious at what foods will be trendy in 2016 so I did some research to find out. I think it will be an interesting year foodwise! 

Barcelona Food Experience

More vegetables (and vegan food): Vegetables will take center stage and there will be more and more vegetarian and vegan options. We've seen this happening already to some extent, and cool vegetarian and vegan places are popping up. Seasonal vegetables will be in focus too. 

Organic meat: When vegetables start being in focus meat steps back. When we do it meat organic is obviously better. I get my organic meat in Cal Seballut, Veritas or Woki Market

Pulses (beans, lentils, chickpeas): These tasty things are high in fiber and have lots of proteins. Since vegetables are coming into focus good protein sources are beans and lentils.

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Black rice: Very high in antioxidants (more than in blueberrries!) and low in carbs and sugars, black rice will be found on this year's plates. Ottolenghi has a famous dessert at one of his restaurants: black rice pudding with coconut milk, mango and banana. Sounds pretty tasty to me!

Ancient grains like black rice as above, and gluten-free grains like teff. In the shops we already see more and more interesting grains being sold. Let's see when we start seeing them on plates in restaurants, too. I think Flax & Kale could be a front runner here. 

Food for sharing: in Barcelona we know what it's like to share food, that's no news to us. But it won't be just tapas, entire menus will be made to share.  

Source: Food Network

Source: Food Network

Pickling, Fermenting: Kombucha has been hot for a while already, but now we're about to be introduced to all sorts of pickles. Caravelle has already been on this for some time. 

Cocktails: proper, beautiful, elaborated cocktails: Yes PLEASE! We're over gin & tonics, it's so 2014..! We need proper, elaborated cocktails. How many cocktail bars in Barcelona use elderflower syrup? Also how many speakeasies do we have? The Pipa Club and that's about it, as far as I know. 

Source: La Pirata

Source: La Pirata

Local brewing: This is already a big thing in Barcelona, with several local breweries in and around the city, but it will be even more in focus this year. 

Heritage cuisine: Chefs go back to their roots and food cultures: This is interesting! I really hope this trend will bring something interesting into the city's cuisine. We have a lot of chefs from different parts of the world, and we are dying to know what kind of food their great-grannies made.

Fast foods going healthy: Yes please. It can't be that difficult. Even just a lettuce-wrap burger would be great. And what about all those additives?

Beer in cans: Bottles are boring, now craft beers come in cans!

Coffee: Creative coffee coming up. We have several good coffee places in the city, but it's all about to get even more creative.  

Sugar as the enemy: Yes yes yes. We've known since forever how bad sugar is for you, but now it's official and in the guidelines too. And we don't want any artificial crap either! There's good natural sweeteners out there, like honey, maple syrup or fruit. 

Blood: Two words: blood pudding. Oh my. I'm not all that excited about this. But apparently blood puddings are selling like crazy elsewhere now. It's a promising sign though that we're using as many parts of the animal as possible. 

Source: Amazing wellness mag

Source: Amazing wellness mag

Moringa. We're starting to see matcha here and there, and spirulina and chlorella is already everywhere. Now apparently moringa is the new thing. 

Seaweed. With sushi it's great, but try kelp. It tastes like slimey salty grass, but apparently it's really good for you. Seaweed is rich in antioxidants, fibres and has lots of good fats and iodine. 

Bubbling under: artisan pizza, artisanal ice cream, Middle Eastern food...

So, looks like 2016 will be interesting foodwise!