Mama's Cafe - A Café with a Secret..!

Brunch at Mama's Cafe Barcelona

Brunch at Mama's Cafe Barcelona

Passing by Mama's Café it looks like any (nice) cafe in Gracia, but if you look closer you can see a hint of green in the back. A terrace! A wonderful green patio that makes it feel like you're in a different place, in a different country even, when you're sitting there sipping your French 75. 

What also is great about Mama's Cafe is their brunch. A place where you can get your brunch at a normal brunch hour, as early as 10am, is very difficult to find! 

The patio at Mama's Cafe Barcelona

The patio at Mama's Cafe Barcelona


Atmosphere: It's filled with people of all ages, and kids are welcome too. 

Recommended: The brunch and the cocktails.

Specifics: Again, the patio. There are terraces around the city but a good calm patio like this is hard to find.


Reservations: Check beforehand, during busy times reservations aren't possible. 

Address: Mama’s Cafe, Carrer de Torrijos 26, Gracia, Barcelona