Mastico – Your Pretty Neighbourhood Restaurant

Mastico is simply put very attractive. Two of the walls are clad with huge windows, and it gives the place a very inviting atmosphere. Inside it’s cute too, the decoration is something I’d love for my home, a sparse Scandinavian touch seasoned with plants and mats with plenty of texture.

I’m a huge fan of round tables in restaurants, and they have several of them here. I love it when you’re a small group and your sitting within reach from everyone, not only the ones sitting just next to you! More places should have that although I guess it’s not exactly a space-saver.

The food is attractive too in Mastico. Isn’t it great when there’s effort put into the decoration of the food? Every dish we had was so nicely presented that it was a joy looking at, and not only because I was hungry. Not only Michelin star restaurants can make a dish look pretty. 

We tried plenty of different dishes, and I loved it all. I’m a big fan of foie gras, and we had a big plate of shaved foie gras sprinkled with salt to put on small pieces of toast. I don't particularly like the boring store-bought tiny pieces of toast that you usually get in restaurants, but here they had made their own and it was a million times better. Plus there was tomato jam on the side to add some sweetness.

The burrata salad was a hit too. The burrata was excellent, and it wasn’t covered with lots of green leaves but instead with edible flowers and sun-dried tomato, kalamata olives and different types of tomato marmalades/jams. Perfection.

We had tuna belly and tuna tataki, both very good, and seasonal mushrooms with egg, I love that dish. Even if we were pretty full by then we really wanted to try the desserts. Everything had been so good so far so we were curious about the finales..!

My choice of dessert was spot on. I’m a big fan of panna cotta, and the one in Mastico was sincerely one of the best I’ve had. It was a lemon-thyme panna cotta, and the flavors were truly wonderful. The presentation was lovely too, just like all the other dishes we tried.

I loved Mastico and will go there again for sure very soon. It’s simple but beautiful in everything: the decoration, the service and the food.

In a nutshell

Atmosphere: Laid back, good to go with friends, or for a couple. Beautiful, simple decoration.

Recommendations: Definitely the burrata and the panna cotta.

Specifics: They also have a separate space for groups that you can book.

Price: €€

Reservations: A good idea, it gets quite busy. 

Adress: C/ Laforja 62