Mecànic - is this Brooklyn or Gracia?


A new creative space called Mecànic has opened in Gracia! A French-Catalan couple has created this beautiful warehouse-style space into an art gallery specialised in photography, book shop and a café. In the gallery space you can already see a preview of all of the cool exhibitions that are coming up, very, VERY interesting stuff, trust me on this one.

Mecanic Barcelona

Go here for a cup of coffee, for a glass of wine with your friends, a cheese board or maybe a piece of cake. Go here also to browse the interesting art books for sale, and to listen to music on their vinyl record player (yessss! Why don't more places have a record player!?). 

Mecanic Barcelona

Mecànic brings so much needed coolness to Gracia, I'm a big fan!

Address: Mecànic, Verntallat 30, Gracia, Barcelona