Mikkeller - Craft Beer with Scandinavian Vibes

The beer revolution has reached Barcelona, and brew pubs pop up like mushrooms here and there. Mikkeller is a shining star on the craft beer scene, and their Barcelona bar is great. It has that Scandinavian touch in the décor, and being a Northerner myself I feel like I’m sitting in a friend’s kitchen. I love it!

The staff is friendly and chatty, and they have quite a few taps to choose from. In Christmas they even did their own mulled wine! There is a short menu too should the beer make you hungry. 

Mikkeller Bar Barcelona

Mikkeller Bar Barcelona


Atmosphere: Scandinavian and homey (an unusual combination, I know!).

Recommended: That depends a lot on your specific beer taste, so I won’t give my opinion here.

Specifics: Do try their mulled wine if it’s in season!


Reservations:  N/A