New Restaurants in Barcelona December Edition - 48 New Places!


Barcelona never rests! And neither do we looking for all the new places. Here is a list of 47 new restaurants, cafés and bars that have opened recently or are about to open very soon. Let me know if you have any recommendations for places I have missed in this list!

Cafe de Rex - A cute coffee shop on Oliana 24. Their toasts look so good, and the concept solid. Instagram: @cafederex.

La Querida - Large, beautiful space on Passeig Pujades 33, just next to the Ciutadela park. By the Las Fernández and La Robadora owners. Instagram: @laqueridabcn.

Cala Rossita - Rice dishes and tapas inside the Diagonal Mar shopping center, Avinguda Diagonal 3. Instagram: @calarossitabcn.

La Cava Cakery - Cupcakes, cava and specialty coffee on Psg Sant Joan 111. Instagram: @lacavacakery.

The Mordis & Co - A new sandwich shop on Ronda Universidad 3. Instagram: @themordisandco.

Fan Dim Sum - A Chinese restaurant specialised in dim sum, they also already work with Glovo in case you’d like to try it in the comfort of your home. C/ Laforja 128. Instagram: @fandimsum.

Folks Burgers - This burger place hasn’t opened yet, but it will be located on C/ del Portal Nou 19 and you can keep an eye on them on Instagram: @folks_burgers.

Rainbow Cake at Bing Bing Cafe Barcelona

Rainbow Cake at Bing Bing Cafe Barcelona

Bing Bing Café - I visited this café recently and loved it! So cute, with a wonderful Korean dessert specialty, the Bingsu. Good set of gluten-free cakes. Located on Ronda Sant Pere 23. Instagram: @bingbingcafe.

Alsur Forn - The cool Alsur Café has opened their own bakery with really tasty looking donuts (with fillings like dulce de leche, lemon pie…), cookies, cronuts and much more. Gran Vía 272. Instagram: @alsurforn.

Il Tramezzino - These guys have specialised in Tramezzini, a sweet venetian delicacy that looks interesting! They also do savoury dishes (like lunch). C/ Roger de Lluria 53. Instagram: @iltramezzinobcn

Ristorante Nonna Sara - New Italian restaurant on C/ Corsega 225. Instagram: @ristorantenonnasara.

El Petit Mos - This new place is on my to go-list: their brunch looks great and they do live music on Sundays. C/ Sepulveda 80. Instagram: @el.petit.mos

71 Oyster Bar / La Perla - This oyster bar and club looks intriguing, with great looking cocktails. Enrique Granados 71. Instagram: @71oysterbar.

14 de la Rosa - A cool bar in Gracia, with surprising and solid names behind it like Chiltern Firehouse in London. They have a lunch deal too. C/ Martínez de la Rosa 14. Instagram: @14delarosa.

Un Bocado Sushi - The name says sushi but they do so much more than that. Looks good! C/ Viladomat 259. Instagram: @unbocado_sushi

Bella’s - The new sister establishment to Isabella’s restaurant. Italian cooking. C/ Diagonal 640. Instagram: @bellasbcn.

Vegan Ice Cafe - A vegan ice cream place that also does açai bowls and cakes. C/ de la Mestrança 49. Instagram: @veganicecafe.

Free & Sweet - Desserts and cakes with superfoods, and without dairy, eggs and refined sugars. All vegan and low in gluten. C/ America 6. Instagram: @freeandsweet_bcn

La Mare del Tano - Home made food for takeaway on C/ Ciutat de Granada 20. Instagram: @lamaredeltanopoblenou.

La Graciosa - An organic and natural wine shop, it seems you can eat a little something here too. C/ Milà i Fontanals 88. Instagram: @lagraciosabcn.

Vabowl - Restaurant and take away where everything is steamed, seems pretty healthy! C/ Diputación 139. Instagram: @vabowl.

La Tartareria - Raw food and much more, their truffled steak tartar “bikini” seems to be a big success. Muntaner 26. Instagram: @latartareria

Bonico Bar - Tapas, wine and beer on C/ Sants 6. Instagram: @bonicobar.

Bollo Cakery - A colourful bakery with a fun concept! C/ Diputación 207. Instagram: @bollocakery.

Austral Coffee Bar - New specialty coffee place on Viladomat 140. Instagram: @australcoffeebar.

Tomodachi - Pretty tasty looking new Japanese restaurant on Travessera de Gracia 250. Instagram: @tomodachibcn.

Cupcake’s Coffee - A British and American-style cake shop on C/ Roselló 142. It’s not open yet but you can follow the progress on Instagram: @cupcakescoffeebcn.

Panorama Bar - All day brunch and cocktails on Paseo San Juan 84. They also have vegan options. Instagram @panoramabarcelona.

Atlantis Gastrobar - A yummy looking place for fish and seafood. C/ Marques del Campo Sagrado 12. Instagram: @atlantis.gastrobar.

Arar Rostisseria - I’m intrigued by this new place that does roast chicken and catering. They source local ingredients and do some foraging too, which is not so common around here. C/Sicília 107. Instagram: @ararbcn.

Xerta Tapas Bar - The famous Xerta restaurant has opened a more formal tapas bar focused on food from Delta del Ebre. C/ Còrsega 289. Instagram: @xertatapasbar.

Kilele - A cosy looking bar/restaurant on C/ Valencia 349. Instagram: @kilelebcn.

La Dimsumteria - The talented team behind La Taberna China has opened a new place with dimsum, tea and craft beer. I can’t find any more info on this but check out @la_taberna_china for more info.

On y Va - The bike café has opened a new site on C/ Vergos 55. Instagram: @onyvabarcelona.

Diània - Valencian food on C/ Mozart 20. We’re always up for a good rice dish! Instagram: @dianiabar.

La Cuina d’en Garriga - This popular restaurant and deli has opened a beautiful space on Enric Granados 58. Instagram: @lacuinadengarriga.

Wings ‘N Tings - Are you a fan of chicken wings? Then this pop-up is for you! Great looking milk shakes and sides to the wings. They serve craft beer too, as one should with chicken wings. Paseo San Juan 13. Instagram: @bcnwingting.

Bing Bing Cafe Barcelona

Bing Bing Cafe Barcelona

Pikelets - From the La Desayuneria team, they do take away and delivery and their pancakes look really good. C7 Comte D’Urgell 260. Instagram: @pikeletsbcn.

La Guapa Burg - Organic burgers on C/ Europa 28. I like the look of their cute little filled mushrooms, and the portobello burger! Instagram: @laguapaburg.

Milestone Cocktails - I don’t know much about this place because they haven’t opened yet, but their gin infused with oysters and dill sounds pretty intriguing, don’t you think? It seems there will be music involved too. If you want to follow their progress check them out on Instagram:

Entre Latas Gracia - This popular shop from Sant Antoni has now opened a bodega in Gracia, on Torrijos 16. Instagram: @entre_latas.

Forastera - Brunch and dinner in Poble Nou, on Sancho de Ávila 22. Their buffalo wings look good! Instagram: @forasterabcn.

Bing Bing Cafe Barcelona

Bing Bing Cafe Barcelona

Gallo Santo - The first vegan Mexican restaurant in Barcelona! Genius I say. Their cocktails look tasty. Torrent de l’Olla 64. Instagram: @gallosantobarcelona.

Hijo de Mendez - A beautiful loft that serves Mexican food and music! Straight to my To Go-list. Part of the Tribu Woki group. On Pasaje Marimon 5. Instagram: @hijodemendez.

Quatre Coses - Pastry Chef Oriol Balaguer has opened a place that also serves savoury items. Consell de Cent 329. Instagram: @quatre_coses_oriolbalaguer.

Renoi - This place opened already in the summer but I didn't include it in the previous list. They do vermouth, and tapas and it looks SO delicious. Valencia 509. Instagram: @renoi_tapes_i_vins

Licorería Latería - A beautiful restored wine bodega where also tastings are organised. Escudellers 5. Instagram: @licorerialateriabcn.

Yicha - Bubble Milk Tea taken to a cooler level in a cute space. They also do other types of tea, The Black Tea with Ice Cream caught my eye..! Plaza Tetuán 32. Instagram: @yicha_bcn001.

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