Parking Pizza - Gourmet Pizza Done Right


When Parking Pizza opened there was a buzz all over Barcelona. We have good, genuinely Italian pizza places, so what is different with this one?

Two things:

1.       The decór. A trendy, cool pizza place, can you believe it? It used to be a parking but you would never guess. The windows are huge, vintage and beautiful, and the walls are covered with open shelving.

2.       Gourmet pizza. Finally! Beautiful elaborated pizzas with interesting ingredients are just what we need. Since Parking Pizza opened others have jumped on the idea though, but these guys are the real deal. 

They have opened a second location on Passeig de Sant Joan 56, where they also have a little pita place called Parking Pita. 

Black truffle pizza with pecorino, Parking Pizza Barcelona

Black truffle pizza with pecorino, Parking Pizza Barcelona


Atmosphere:  At night it’s very busy, but the turnaround is fast so you won’t have to wait very long for a seat. Considering that the location is in the upper part of the city some of the clientele might be a bit posh, but it’s ok.

Recommended: I love the black truffle, pecorino and egg pizza. If you’re not into pizza there are other options too, like quinoa salad, burrata and such.

Specifics: It’s mostly communal tables, so be prepared to be sitting in the middle of it all. The seats are cardboard boxes (!) that hold your jacket and your stuff while you’re eating, genius!


Reservations: They don’t take reservations, but they’ll put you on a waiting list if the place is full when you arrive. 

Now Parking Pizza also has a second location on Passeig Sant Joan 56.