Pastrami Bar/Paradiso - Sandwiches and a Speakeasy

You know when you know a place that’s so great that you don’t want to talk about it to anyone..? Well this is one of those. So please don’t tell anybody about this place, haha..!

You start off at a small bar called the Pastrami Bar, where smoked meat geniuses Rooftop Smokehouse shows off their delicacies. I love the grilled cheese sandwich but the Pastrami sandwich is famous too. The bar is tiny so come early so you don’t have to queue.

But that’s not all… In the bar there is a large fridge door. Open it, go through and in front of you lies a gorgeous bar called Paradiso that serves up the most amazing, prize-winning cocktails. You won’t be disappointed here. 

Grilled cheese sandwich at Pastrami Bar Barcelona

Grilled cheese sandwich at Pastrami Bar Barcelona


Atmosphere: There’s nothing like this in Barcelona, I’ll tell you that right away. We have a few speakeasies but this one is the real deal.

Recommended: Everything. I will go back again and again until I’ve tried everything in both the Pastrami bar and all of the cocktails.

Specifics: In the menu there’s a shape for each cocktail, so you’ll see what it will look like. Many of the drinks don’t come in glasses...!


Reservations: N/A

Address: Pastrami Bar / Paradiso, Carrer de Rera Palau 4, Born, Barcelona