Pinhan Cafe - a Picnic in the Park

Inside Turó Parc you can find this beautiful gem of a café. It feels like a secret and it is one of those places that I would prefer to keep to myself..! It is all outdoors which means you sit under beautiful trees with birds chirping in the trees around you. Where else in the city can you find a place like this? 

Pinhan isn't any old boring café. Looking at the menu I was very surprised, it has a wonderful, exotic east Mediterranean/Middle Eastern twist to it. I went there for breakfast and opted for a chia pudding, and in addition to being gorgeous and colourful it also had tasty, unusual extras like pistachios, kadayif (shredded and baked crusty dough) and a splash of orange water. 

Pinhan Cafe Barcelona

I can't wait to go back and try their lunch menu and some of the exotic dishes: borek which are oven baked thin savoury pastries with different fillings served with a yoghurt sauce, sucuk (a Turkish chorizo), simit which is a typical Turkish street food or their meze.

I have saved the best for last: you can request a picnic! Just call or WhatsApp them at least an hour in advance, bring a blanket and they will prepare the food for you! They serve it all day and there are plenty of different picnic sets to choose from. How adorable is that? 

Pinhan Cafe Barcelona


Atmosphere: Calm and leafy green: all the things you can expect from an open-air café in a beautiful quiet park. 

Recommended: Go for anything exotic, this is the place to try something different!  

Specifics: Their picnic service is an excellent idea: just order it at least an hour beforehand, bring a blanket and a friend, pick up the food and find a quiet spot nearby! 

Price: €

Reservations: N/A

Address: Turó Parc, Av. de Pau Casals 19