Morel Season in Barcelona

Morels in a foie gras sauce, Tapas 24

Morels in a foie gras sauce, Tapas 24

I love this time of the year. It's morel season! This amazing mushroom is so healthy (you should see the list of vitamins and minerals in it!) and SO tasty. It's a spring mushroom and it's now in season here in Barcelona. So where can you get your morel fix? Here is a list: 

Ca l'Isidre (blog post here

Santa Gula (blog post here

Capet (restaurant in Gracia) 

Racó d'en Cesc (blog post here)

Taverna del Clinic (blog post here)

Tapas 24 (tapas restaurant in Eixample) 

Txetxu Taberna (in Horta)

Restaurant Sergi de Meià (restaurant in Eixample)

Make sure you check with the restaurant on their morel availability when you book, just in case. If you have places to add to this list let me know!