Restaurants to visit in 2016

I recently published a list of my favourite restaurants in 2015, but of course I have plans for the new year too. I have an application called Soon (no, not sponsored, hehe! I just really like it) which I use for noting down all of the restaurants I've heard are good and that I'm curious about. Some of them are new, some of them are authentic local gems. Here is my list of restaurants I want to visit in 2016:

New kid on the block - Señor Brown and his liquid chocolates

New kid on the block - Señor Brown and his liquid chocolates

Carlota Akaneya - I've heard fantastic things about the meat here at this Japanese grill restaurant. I'd like myself a good piece of Kobe. 

The Box Social - This restaurant is located in the cooler than cool Hotel Brummel. I most likely won't have the opportunity to stay in the hotel because I have my own place in Barcelona, but I'm really curious about the restaurant.

Tram-Tram - I'm a fan of the authentic and old-school, and I have high hopes for this restaurant located in Sarria. Looking forward to checking it out.

Pirineu en Boca - I have too few good meat restaurants on my radar, and this place looks interesting. It's located in a butcher's shop. 

Tapas 24 - A good tapas place is good to have on the go-to list. I need to check out this restaurant.

Bar Electricitat - Old school, authentic and fun is the verdict I've heard. Looking forward to trying it out myself.

Catacroquet - A bistro that's specialised in croquetas. Sounds interesting. 

La Taqueria - I've passed by this little taqueria a few times and I really want to eat there. 

Can Cortada - I love Can Travi Nou which belongs to the same group of restaurants, and it just looks so adorable.

Can Cisa / Bar Brutal - It's only open in the evenings which has reduced my possibilities to eat here. Even though it's in a very touristy area it's supposed to be very good.

Bar Angel - The bar is located on a small side street next to the train station. I've passed by when I've been on my way to La Estrella which is next door, and it looks so charming.

Bar del Pla - In the middle of a touristy area, but that's ok. It's supposed to be authentic with great food. 

The Fish & Chips Shop - I've heard fantastic things about the fish and chips here, I need to try them as soon as possible.

El Sortidor - I hang out way too little in Poble Sec. This needs to change, and I think El Sortidor is a good place to start.

Bar La Plata - Another authentic gem I need to check off my list. 

Disfrutar - This restaurant has been on my list for some time. Now they have a Michelin star too. 

La Marquise Decadente - I got to know this charming café at a food fair, and the cakes they do are amazing. I want to go and have a nice cup of tea and a piece of cake there some day.

Cal Marius 449 - I've heard about their pastrami sandwich and I need it.

Can Sole - It's a classic and it's embarrassing that I haven't been here yet. They are famous for their paella.

Mostassa - Good brunch places are always nice to try out.

Céleri - Seems interesting with their different options for omnivores and vegetarians/vegans. The restaurant looks beautiful, too.

Can Valles - A classic. I've tried to book here a few times but I've always been calling in the last minute. I think booking a week or two in advance is essential.

Restaurant Singular - A new kid on the Sagrada Familia block that has a Nordic flair to it.

La Fabrica - This restaurant is actually located in Esplugues, but I've heard great things about it.

La Fabrica, Girona - Another place with the same name but completely different concept, located in Girona. I need to check this supercool place out.

El 58 - This homey tapas restaurant in Poble Nou is a must for 2016. 

El Ninot Cuina - This restaurant belongs to the En Compañia de Lobos group that has a few good restaurants in Barcelona and Madrid. It's inside the recently refurbished Ninot market and looks interesting.

Parking Pizza - Everybody and their cousin is talking about Parking Pizza, and I want to know what all the fuss is about. 

Copasetic - A gluten-free restaurant that sounds promising.

Lulu - apparently their brunch is top notch.

El Català - I've seen pictures of their dishes and it looks great. 

Bodega 1900 - Getting a reservation in Tickets is just too tedious, but I would like to check out their little sister.

Ikibana - I am slightly ashamed that I haven't eaten here yet. Things need to change in 2016. 

Brioche mochis in Señor Brown

Brioche mochis in Señor Brown

Restaurants to revisit in 2016

I have a few restaurants I haven't visited in a very long time, and during 2016 I really need to check them out again. Here's a list:

Ona Nuit - Located in El Prat (it's easy to take the bus though) this is a real gem of a restaurant. The food is seasonal, local and so tasty.

Da Greco - This wonderful Italian restaurant moved slightly its location some time ago, and I haven't visited them since. I've heard that the standard is still top notch, so it definitely makes it on the list to visit in 2016.  

Racó d'en Cesc - One of my all-time favourites, but I haven't visited it for too long!

Can Xurrades - I used to visit them all the time when they were on Gran De Gracia, but they moved and I didn't go since. In 2016 I will!

Lots of plans for 2016, stay tuned for reviews!