Somewhere Café - for Work and Play

Somewhere Cafe Barcelona

Somewhere Cafe opened a few years ago in Sant Cugat, and I was always drooling over their pictures on Instagram. Now they’ve finally opened in Barcelona too! The place is busy any time of the day which is understandable, the space is cool, the food is good and the coffee is done with lots of love. The staff is really friendly and very knowledgeable.  

Somewhere Cafe Barcelona

Somewhere Cafe Barcelona


Atmosphere: Very laid back, a cafe kind of atmosphere. You can go here to work or have an informal meeting too if you like. 

Recommended: Their brunch menu is interesting and don’t miss the cakes please..!

Specifics: Their barista is excellent so you can expect really good coffee here. Oh, and they have craft beer on tap too!


Reservations: N/A

Aragó 310, Barcelona