Teddy's Saj Sandwiches

I fell head over heels in love with Teddy’s from the minute I laid my eyes on it. It might look simple from the outside, but just wait until you get to know what goes on in this tiny little place in the Raval. Lebanese street food; sandwiches called saj are made here and they are out of this world.

Teddy's Barcelona

Teddy's Barcelona


Atmosphere: It’s small but there are a few chairs if you’d like to eat them there, but you can also take them to go.

Recommended: There are both sweet and savory, I’ve tried three savory ones and one sweet (Nutella and strawberry) and I loved all of them.

Specifics: The ingredients are sourced with a lot of love and care, and many of them are imported all the way from Lebanon. Local Lebanese chefs eat here so the quality is guaranteed. 


Reservations: N/A