The Cakeman Bakery - Amazing Cakes in Barcelona

The Cakeman Bakery

I’m a huge fan of cake and I know many of you are too..! I’m also a huge fan of Hayden Colledge, the cake wizard behind The Cakeman Bakery. I’m sure you’ve seen him (at Palo Alto and All Those for example) surrounded by all the deliciousness he creates, except if you don’t come early enough and it’s all sold out. 

And very important news: you don’t have to wait until a big event to enjoy these delicacies. I checked with Hayden and he was kind enough to send me a list of all of the places that serve The Cakeman Bakery cakes! For those of you on a health streak now after Christmas excesses I can tell you that he also does gluten free and vegan cakes, so no worries there. So here comes the list, I'm sure you'll recognise several of these places:

The Cakeman Bakery

Elsa y Fred – located in the Born, a good selection of his cakes

Buho – on Paseo San Juan, they have carrot cake, chocolate Guinness cake and a plum cake

Hush Hush – this lovely new place in the Born has cookies, cheesecake, plum cakes, brownies…

Oval and Massa – did you know that they have The Cakeman Bakery cheesecakes..? Oval is a burger place and Massa a pizza place

Tallers 76 – they have a few cakes from Hayden, and some from other places too

Nostrum on Escudellers – What? Nostrum? Yes! They have a good range of tray bakes (brownie, caramel slice etc) and you can get the cakes by the slice for a good price!

Bun Bo – in the Gotico and Raval, they always have either carrot cake or chocolate Guinness cake

Espai Joliu – They have The Cakeman Bakery stuff now too! Gluten free ones, brownies and vegan cake.

Espiralia Central – This is a new restaurant in Sant Antoni. At the moment you can find carrot cake, chocolate Guinness and some mini gluten free cakes here

Casa Tejada – Carries The Cakeman Bakery cheesecakes

Flaherty’s – Bailey’s cheesecake (mmmmmmmhhh) and chocolate Guinness cake

Bar Absenta (Barceloneta) – Carrot cake and a brownie with dulce de leche

A Casa Portuguesa – carries a small range of cakes, always a cheesecake and other varying cakes

Escriba Chiringuito – when open they have cheesecake, carrot cake and a lemon pie 

He also makes cakes to order, you can find his contact details on his Facebook page. Enjoy!