13 tips for Restaurants to Work Instagram

Nutella Cheesecake at Antunez, Barcelona

Nutella Cheesecake at Antunez, Barcelona

On my Instagram account I follow lots of restaurants, cafes and bars in Barcelona and elsewhere. When it comes to places I like I want to be up to date if they have news, and simply to look at their delicious dishes..! Also if I find an interesting new place I follow them to know when they will open, what the place looks like and what kind of food they’ll be serving.

A lot of restaurants/cafes/bars have great accounts and it’s a joy to follow them. You don’t need a marketing agency to do it for you! Sometimes it doesn’t go quite right though… Here are a few tips and tricks on how to manage your Instagram account in order to be interesting for your hungry followers!

Burger at Trenchermen, Chicago

Burger at Trenchermen, Chicago

1. Take pictures of your food. Sounds obvious I know, but there are lots of accounts who post pictures of everything else except the food1 The photos don’t have to be professional, just make sure you have lots of light when you take the picture, it makes all dishes look tastier!

2. Take pictures of the interior. It’s nice to see what the place looks like too!

3. Take pictures of the staff and the chefs! We want to know who’s working behind the scenes!

4. Repost. If somebody has tagged your restaurant repost some of the pics:  

- It makes a nice change to the style of your feed and keeps it interesting for those who follow you.

- It’s a nice nudge to the person who tagged you (gives them more visibility)

- It urges more people to tag your restaurant because they see that you repost

Vegan fig cheesecake, Väcka Barcelona

Vegan fig cheesecake, Väcka Barcelona

5. Always, always, ALWAYS geotag! Every single picture! If I find a restaurant that looks interesting I want to know where it is. It’s so much easier to look at the geotag than copying the address from your bio and look it up in Google Maps.

6. If you’re new your geotag won’t appear within a couple of weeks. Then just geotag the neighbourhood or mention in every picture that you’re in the Raval or Eixample or wherever you might be. Once the geotag is available go back and edit the location in your pics.

7. Reply to your comments on your photos. This should be obvious, but unfortunately too many don’t do this. The people who write a comment are excited about what you do, and you should be too!

8. Comment on and like photos you’ve been tagged in. It doesn’t take much, a smiley or a thumbs up, but it means a lot to the person behind the photo and creates a lot of goodwill.

9. Only publish photos that are related to what you do. Pictures of your friends, kids or your time at the beach belong to your personal account.

10. Be active in your community. Look up tags like #barcelona or #barcelonafood or similar and like and comment on people’s accounts. It builds you great value and keeps you in people’s minds. If they haven’t heard about you they get curious and look you up. I’ve visited many restaurants because I’ve seen them like and comment on my pics over and over again, and I get curious.

11. Never edit the pictures that you repost! Each photo is an expression that’s very specific to the person who took it. Avoid modifying, adding a filter or even cutting the picture. And never repost without mentioning the source, but that's pretty obvious.

12. Put your opening hours in your profile! Then your followers can check out right away when you're open. 

13. If you think you don’t have time to take care of your account then ask a friend or a relative to do it for you. A lot of business owners do this.  

So who are good examples of well-managed Instagram accounts? I really like @can_sole, @hammockjuicestation and @alsurcafe, for instance. They are very interactive with the Insta community and it’s a pleasure to follow them! 

Nutella banana toast