Wanderbeak Food Tours - Pecking Away Around the City!

A few weeks ago I was invited to join the Wanderbeak Food Tour. Even though I've lived in Barcelona for almost 10 years I enjoy taking part in food tours and learn about the city, the food culture and maybe visit places I haven't been to before. And it's always great to meet new people who are visiting Barcelona!

Our guide Marwa was absolutely fantastic. She was fun and upbeat and made sure everybody was having a good time. The idea behind the tour was to represent a full day of eating: starting from the mid-morning vermouth, continuing with lunch, and so on. While we were sitting and eating she told us stories related to food but also the history of the city and the local culture. Between the food stops she took us historical places on the route and explained curiosities. 

The tour took us about 4 hours and was packed to the brim with interesting facts and stories. We had plenty of different stops of which I had only visited a couple before. All of the places were interesting, but one of my favorites were without a doubt an old "granja" that used to be a stable, a very cosy atmosphere. We had delicious hot chocolate and churros there. 

Another favorite was the last stop on the tour, a beautiful restaurant I've only been to a very long time ago but loved. It's a wonderful place for good wine, cheeses and cured meats and it has a lot of atmosphere, and a real gem in the Born area. 

The Wanderbeak Food Tour was an excellent experience and very recommendable for both those who are visiting but also for those of us who've already been in Barcelona for a while. Get in touch with Wanderbeak and book the tour here!