Welcome to Barcelona Food Experience! 

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I am Maria, and I love to eat. 11 years ago, I abandoned my home country, Finland, and moved to Barcelona, and eventually turned my passion for food and photography from a hobby to a full-time job. I’m a Graduate in Economics Sciences and Business Studies and I have a Master’s Degree in Food & Product Photography.

I love to eat, talk, and write about food and taking photos of it. When I'm not eating, I think about what I'll be eating next. Or which restaurant to visit in the weekend, or maybe already tomorrow. New restaurants keep popping up every day, and I'm working my way through the good ones as fast as I can, always with a camera in hand..!

Here in Barcelona Food Experience, I'm gathering all the places I love. If there's a place you think is missing please let me know, because maybe I haven't been there yet. The reviews here are entirely subjective, but I avoid sharing negative comments about restaurants, so if I didn't like the place I didn’t include it here.

Here you can find my favorite restaurants for brunching, for healthy eating, for tapas and paella, for eating where the locals eat, you name it. I also have a section of my favorite restaurants in different neighborhoods. And obviously, I have a blog, with all the latest food-related stories. Don’t miss my travel section: if you like what you see here about Barcelona, then you might like the places I've visited in Tokyo, New York, Berlin or elsewhere. 

So what makes a good restaurant in my humble opinion? It's a place where I get friendly service and tasty food that's not too expensive. And it needs to have that little something. Maybe it's the atmosphere. Perhaps it's the obvious love the chef puts in each dish that goes out from the kitchen. Maybe it's the intimate conversation I am having with my dinner companion. Sometimes it's the healthy options on the menu, and more often than not, it is authenticity that does it for me. One of the best things in my job is transmitting the passion the chef and the owners have for what they do to the readers. It’s magical!



BFE is a meeting point for all you food lovers, and my main objective is to share, in a respectful, humble and approachable way all of my favorite restaurants, cafes and bars in each neighborhood in Barcelona.  


If there’s something I learned during all of these years online is that all the hard work, the passion, and a job well done always pays off. Thanks to loyal followers and customers I have been able to continue learning, increasing my skills and growing my knowledge and experience, and helps me feel confident when taking on any project or campaign with honesty, efficiency, and professionalism.


BFE began as an Instagram account in 2014 and quickly grew to be one of the most influential food accounts in the city. A couple of years later, the blog came along. Now it has gained a reputation as one of the most important and influential restaurant blogs in Barcelona and Spain:

Recognition by Feedspot.com in 2018

Recognition by Feedspot.com in 2018

Recognition by Feedspot.com in 2018

Recognition by Feedspot.com in 2018



I have appeared in Aftonbladet, the largest newspaper in Scandinavia, with recommendations of where to eat in Barcelona:

Matfotografens tips Barcelona Aftonbladet

I have also appeared in Verdens Gang, the biggest news website in Norway, with an article recommending restaurants in Barcelona:

Matfotografens tips till det ekte Barcelona Maria Astrand

I have been on the radio in RAC 1 (in Catalan and Spanish) and Barcelona City FM (in English)

I also have been interviewed in Zurda Magazine - Article (in Spanish), Svenskar i Barcelona - Interview (in Swedish) and Nuria Ruiz blog - Interview (in Spanish)


The audience of BFE is divided into three main categories:

  1. Those who live in Barcelona and are looking for great places to eat and drink

  2. Visitors coming to Barcelona and who are looking for an authentic experience

  3. Those interested in the new local gastronomic trends




In BFE, working closely with both readers and establishments is essential. My #1 goal is to have happy readers who find useful and engaging content on the website, and restaurants that receive the attention they deserve thanks to their dedication and hard work.

In a nutshell, my two favorite parts of my job are:

  • Helping readers finding good food, and getting feedback from them telling me they have had a great food experience thanks to my website and social media

  • Working as a platform for restaurants, bars, cafes and food makers, helping them to connect and show off their project and working hard to care for the visual/photographic aspect in an honest and approachable way.

The number one criteria I have when working with professionals in the gastronomic field is that what they offer matches with what BFE stands for. My readers need to know that what I write is always authentic, honest, and comes from the heart. And that is precisely what I’m looking for when it comes to food too! Barcelona is full of dedicated gastronomic entrepreneurs who do amazing things, so let’s get the word out!



In addition to my job with BFE I also provide the following services:

Photography - mainly food, products, interiors, and events. I have a Master’s Degree in Professional Food and Product Photography, and years of experience in the gastronomy field.

Content Creation - Do you own a restaurant, bar, or cafe and need content for your social media? I work with several clients, producing high-quality material for their social media, with their target clientele in mind.

Consulting - For years I have worked with a very specific niche and demographic with BFE, and I consult restaurants who are looking to dig deeper into the likes and dislikes of this particular demographic.

Workshops - Public and private workshops on Food Photography and Instagram. I have for example given a workshop called “Street Food Revolution” at 35th Edition of Saló Internacional del Còmic de Barcelona (2017).

Writing - I write about Barcelona (not only about food but also culture, events and such) on a regular basis for different types of media. A few examples of my recent articles:

  • Google Touring Bird - Google recently launched its Touring Bird service, with curated content for cities around the world.

Captura de pantalla 2018-10-18 a las 12.30.23.png
  • Olive Magazine (Weekender July 2018) - I wrote a piece for British Olive Magazine about some of the best places in Barcelona.

  • AV Group Magazine - An article about Pepa Pla wine bar in the Autumn Issue (September 2018)

Captura de pantalla 2018-10-18 a las 12.19.47.png

So, if you think your establishment or project fits with the BFE concept and you want to collaborate with me, drop me a line, I’d love to get to know you!