Bar Bodega Quimet - an Authentic Gracia Gem

There are some bars that are truly authentic gems, and once you find them you’d rather not share them with anyone..! Bar Bodega Quimet is one of them, and there’s a reason why this bar is packed every evening. Here you come to have a beer or two, or maybe a vermouth or a glass of wine, and have some bravas, olives or a cheese board too.

It’s an old bodega, and you can see from the decoration that not much has changed in a long, long time. But that’s an important part of the charm.  

Bode Quimet, Barcelona

Bode Quimet, Barcelona


Atmosphere:  Bodega Quimet oozes of atmosphere!

Recommended: Try the wines, they put a lot of effort into the wine list.

Specifics: Check out the old-school fridge next to the bar, only in true old-school bars like this one still has these kind of fridges.  


Reservations: N/A. But go early, it fills up fast!