Can Margarit - Iconic Poble Sec Restaurant

This restaurant is hidden away on a side street in Poble Sec. If you don't know it's here, you probably won't casually be strolling around and find it. I enjoy visiting this restaurant because it has a very unique atmosphere, the food is great and it's very inexpensive. 

Once inside you find yourself in a room full with wine barrels and chandeliers with candles, as if from a different era altogether. While you wait for your table you can help yourself to some wine from the barrels. 

After your wine tasting you're taken into one of the dining rooms. The restaurant is filled with vintage objects, and it gives the place a lot of character. The menu is not very long, but it consists of very traditional, tasty dishes to share. My favorite is the rabbit in garlic, but be warned: you might be face-to-face with a rabbit head with teeth and all when the dish comes to your table... But don't let that stop you, it's delicious!

Can Margarit, Barcelona

Can Margarit, Barcelona


Atmosphere: Cosy, old-school, authentic and perhaps even a bit romantic.

Recommended: The rabbit in garlic.

Specifics: The wine tasting before dinner is fun and unexpected.

Price: €

Reservations: Reservations are necessary.