Federal Café - Fun Hangout with Friends

Brunchtime! C/ Parlament is so hip it hurts, and Federal Café fits like a glove in the atmosphere. It consists of three floors of cool space and obviously a communal table too. I love the little terrace upstairs, but the seating by the window sill is cute too when the weather allows it. 

In a place like this the avocado toast is mandatory, but there are more interesting things on the menu. It's great for brunch, but don't miss their cakes! The chia pudding is huge too! 

They have another location in the Gótico, and I really like it for getting some work done. There's a separate room in the back, go there for some peace and quiet.  

Federal Cafe Barcelona


Atmosphere: Hip and trendy atmosphere, but without being too stiff.

Recommended: The cakes for sure, and the brunch.

Specifics: They have another location in the Gothic Quarter that's less crowded.

Price: €

Reservations: No reservations.