La Paradeta - a Seafood Favorite!

La Paradeta is one of my favorite places for seafood in the city. It doesn’t look like much, but it’s all so fresh and it’s the place to be when you have a seafood craving. This is the place where you eat so much you roll out through the doors when you’re done.

Seafood at La Paradeta, Barcelona

Seafood at La Paradeta, Barcelona

The restaurant doesn’t take any reservations, but during weekdays it’s not as busy as during the weekend. On a Friday night or Saturday lunch time you might have to queue, so go early, before they open. You’ll stand in line for a little while, but it’s worth it. Once you get inside you see a huge display of all kinds of fish and seafood, and here is where I usually get a cold sweat, because I want it ALL. We usually choose a little bit of many different things; monkfish, clams, razor clams, tuna, shrimp….

After this you move to the check-out counter where you ask for the drinks, you pay and get a receipt. Save this receipt! You need it later, because once you’ve sat down you need to wait for the kitchen to call out your table number when one of your dishes is ready. The table number is in the receipt. Sounds complicated, but it’s very easy.  


Atmosphere: Busy and loud, but you tend to forget that when you have a bottle of chilled, cheap vino turbio next to you.

Recommended:  Order many dishes and share. Forget about the salad, bread, whatever extras, you’re here for the seafood.  

Specifics: You might have to queue and you won’t be served at the table, but it’s all worth it.They have several locations around the city, but my favorite is the one in the Born.

Price: €€

Reservations: They don’t take reservations.