Libertine - Cozy Lounge Bar

Already from the street Casa Bonay where Libertine is situated the place oozes of New York vibes. The hotel also hosts Satan’s Coffee Corner and Mother’s (a juice bar), and a restaurant called Elephant Crocodile Monkey, but the bar Libertine is the jewel in the crown. Not many people are aware of this bar it seems, so it’s not particularly crowded, which makes it even more appealing.

Libertine has a beautiful décor, and sofas that are so comfortable that it makes leaving complicated. The cocktails are great, too. 

Libertine bar in Casa Bonay, Barcelona

Libertine bar in Casa Bonay, Barcelona


Atmosphere: It’s difficult for me to explain this place because I can’t really compare it with anything else. It’s a gorgeous space with a huge bar that covers a whole wall. It’s a nice place to go with a friend to have a chat and some drinks. It makes you feel like you’re on vacation.

Recommended: I haven’t tried the snacks but the drinks are great.

Specifics: You can bring your laptop and sit here and work if you wish.

Price: €€

Reservations:  N/A