Tandoor Restaurant - To Die For


Tandoor restaurant is so charming. The decoration is industrial with inspiring splashes of color in the decor, the menu and the kitchenware. But the food is what's unforgettable in this restaurant.

Tandoor Restaurant Barcelona

Tandoor Restaurant Barcelona

The idea behind the cuisine is clear: chef Surinder wants to make Indian food suitable for the sensitive local palate (read: not too spicy). And here lies the beauty: in taking this into consideration the dishes become delicate and subtle. You'll find typical Indian dishes on the menu, but also Indian tapas and streetfood.


Atmosphere: The decoration is far from what you usually think of when you think about an Indian restaurant; it has more of an industrial touch to it.  

Recommended: Everything..! But in particular the aubergine tapas with goat cheese, and the amazing kulfi for dessert. The cheese naan is the best I’ve ever had.

Specifics: The chef Ivan Surinder is young but extremely skillful, and has worked both in his family restaurant and with top chefs. 

Price: €€

Reservations: Usually not necessary. 

Address: Aragó 8